Books Reviewed in 2021


Arnold Carolyn – The Little Grave

Arnold Carolyn – Stolen Daughters

Ashcroft Donna – Summer in the Scottish Highlands

Alderson Sarah – The Stalker


Barritt Christy – An Art of Eavesdropping

Berger Lucyk Chrystyna – The Girl from the Mountains

Browne Sheryl – My Husband’s Girlfriend

Beckmann Alicia – Bitteroot Lake

Boland Shalini – My Little Girl

Booth Alison – The Painting


Chaudary Ruhi – Their Frozen Graves

Cox Charly – Alone in the Woods

Carne Ros – The Stepmother

Corbett Tracy – Someone Like You

Chaudary Ruhi – Little Boy Lost

Chouinard M.M. – The Vacation

Clark Lucy – The Castaway

Caplin Julie – The Little Teashop in Tokyo

Confino Goodman Sarah – For the Love of Friends


Dranfield Wendy – Find My Child

Dranfield Wendy – Cry for Help

Detweiler L.A. – The Redwood Asylum

Dave Laura – The Last Thing He Told Me

Doyle Carrie – It Takes Two to Mango

Dranfield Wendy – Little Girl Taken


Elliot Joani – Audacity of Sara Grayson


Finch Marissa – Anything for You

Fields Helen – The Shadow Man

Fisher Tarryn – The Wrong Family

Fader Molly – The Bitter and Sweet Cherry Season


Goldin Megan – The Night Swim

Green Stacy – One Perfect Graves

Gibson Fiona – The Dog Share

Gateley Roberta – The Frozen Girl


Hamilton Karen – The Perfect Girlfriend

Hibbert Talia – Take a Hint, Dani Brown

Hokin Catherine – The Lost Mother

Harrison D Suzette – The Girl at the Back of the Bus

Hunter Alice – The Serial Killer’s Wife

Hurley Liz – High Heels in the Highlands

Hur June – The Silence of Bones

Harbison Beth – The Cookbook Club

Heard Kelly – The Silent Girl

Hunter Denise – Bookshop by the Sea

Hendrickson Greer and Pekkanen Sarah – The Wife Between Us

Hewitt Kate – The Edelweiss Sisters

Hale Jenny – The Beach House

Herron Rita – The Burning Girls

Hewitt J.M. – The Life She Wants

Heard Kelly – The Woman in the Water

Hillier Jennifer – Little Secrets



Jenkins Victoria – The Playdate

Joseelsohn Barbara- The Lily Garden

Jean Emiko – Tokyo Ever After

Joshi Alka – The Henna Artist

Joshi Alka – The Secret Keeper of Jaipur


Kelman Suzzane – A View Across the Rooftops

Kummerow Marion – Not Without My Sister

Kane Darby – Pretty Little Wife

Kluver Joy – Last Seen

Kagan Roberta – My Son’s Secret

Klune TJ – The House in the Cerulean Sea


Long Karen – Perfect Little Dolls

Lourey Jess -Bloodline

Logan T.M. – The Catch

Lapena Shari – A Stranger in the House

Lauren Christina – My Favorite Half Night Stand

Lonsdale Kerry – No More Words

Labuskes Brianna – A Familiar Sight


Merritt Chris – Lost Souls

McIntosh Portia – My Great Ex-scape

Martin Holly – Autumn Skies Over Ruby Falls

Mills Lilac – Sunset on the Square

Midwood Ellie – The Girl Who Escaped from Auschwitz

Moison Dana – Dark Illusion

Murray Alys – Small Town Secrets

Morgan Phoebe – The Doll House

MacIntosh Clare – I See You

Mills Lilac – Waste Not Want Not in Applewell

Mabry Nicole and Mullins Steph – The Family Tree

Manansala Mia – Arsenic and Adobo

Mansell Jill – And Now You’ Re Back

Mass Sharon – Those I have Lost

Marsons Angela – If Only

May Nicola – Welcome to the Ferry Lane Market

Midwood Ellie – The Girl in Striped Dress


Nash Kim – Sunshine and Second Chances

Nelson Azumah Caleb – Open Water



Pinter Jason – A Stranger at the Door

Pearce Bryony – The Girl on the Platform

Pattison Nell – The Silent Suspect

Pagan Camille – Don’t Make Me Turn This Life Around

Phifer Helen – The Hiding Place



Redland Jessica – Starry Skies Over Chocolate Pot Cafe

Rice Luanne – The Shadow Box

Robson Amanda – My Darling

Robotham Mandy – The Girl Behind the Wall

Roberts Sue – Going Greek

Robson Jennifer – Our Darkest Night


Schabowski Carly – The Watchmaker of Dachau

Stewart Amy – Dear Miss Kopp

Swift Lisa – Friends with Benefits

Steljjes Roger – The Winter Girls

Sharland Louise – The Lake

Stone Helen Victoria – The Last One Home

Stuart Anna – The Berlin Zookeeper

Slater K.L. – The Marriage

Slater K.L. – The Evidence

Sager Riley – Last Time I Lied

Sivec Tara – Heidi’s Guide to Four Letter Word

Stimson Tess – Stolen

Schabowski Carly – The Rainbow


Valters Nora – Now You Know


Torres A.R. – Every Last Secret

Tennant Tilly – A Cider Apple Summer

Taylor C.L – Her Last Holiday

Tennant Tilly – The Hotel at Honeymoon Station

Trope Nicole – Home Sweet Home


Walker Amy – Happy Singles Day

Wolfe Leslie – The Girl from the Silent Lake

Wolfe Leslie – Beneath Blackwater River

Wilde Lori – The Moonglow Sisters

Walker Wendy – Don’t Look For Me

Woods Cate – The Inn at Tansy Falls

Witterick J.L. – My Mother’s Secret

Walsh Jackie – Her White Lie

Walsh Catherine – One Night Stand

Wolfe Leslie- Angel Creek Girls


Zimmer Kristen – When Sparks Fly