Review Policy

Hey all

For those of you who want to get their manuscripts read, please note the following

I only accept the following genres

  • Thriller/Mystery
  • Romantic (depends)
  • Historical fiction (if it is based on Holocaust or World War II I would read it. Also nothing about renaissance)
  • Young Adult (also depends)
  • Horror

I DO NOT accept the following genres

  • Erotica
  • Science Fiction

Please allow at least two months for me to get back to you with my review

*** CURRENTLY I AM NOT ACCEPTING ANY REQUESTS UNTIL APRIL so after April I can review your requests.

About how I review the books.

I am a star person so I will tell you the following way of how I rate the books.

  • One Star- Poorly written, boring, didn’t even bother to finish
  • Two Stars– Poor written, boring but managed to finish with so much difficulty.
  • Three Stars– OK, not too boring but not too compelling characters or plot.
  • Four stars–Well written, enjoyed the plot and characters.
  • Five stars — Excellent, overly enjoyed reading the book, recommend the book to anyone.