Parasite Movie Review!

Hello all! Yesterday I couldn’t post the blog, because I had classes till seven at night and also I watched this year’s Oscar winning Korean movie, Parasite! So I decided today, let’s take a break from the books and discuss about the movie, Parasite.

So as many of you all know, the Korean movie, Parasite won four awards at Oscar–one for Best Picture, one for Best Director, one for Best Screenplay and one for Best Foreign Film. After watching the movie, I would really say that the movie deserved its win as the best picture and the director, Bong Joon Ho deserves his win as the best director.

So here is my opinion about the movie.

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OK So I am going to tell you about my thoughts in this movie.

SPOILER ALERT!!! If you haven’t watched the movie yet, then don’t read the rest.

In a nutshell, this story is a tale of two families–one is Kim family, who live in a basement in a poor neighborhood, and the other is a Park family, an affluent wealthy family. By chance, the son in the Kim family, gets an opportunity to tutor English to the daughter of the Park family. Soon, the Kim family manipulate their way into the Park family and then the story unfolds from here.

So here are the ones I like about the movie

  • Director Bong Joon Ho does a good job of showing the division of rich and poor in Seoul. We see the Kim family, living in a confined basement, facing the cramped shanties and road only earning money from their part time job. We see the Park family, living in a nice big house, their window facing the perfectly manicured lawn. That actually shows the division between the rich and poor of the family.
  • The story is realistic in some way. We see the Parks, despite treating their household servants well, still look down upon the poor people, by commenting on their “smell”. But we also see the Kim family, calling the rich people as “naive”. We also see how the Kim family forged university degree certificates and lied their way into the Park family, which does seem to happen nowadays in real life.
  • The tension towards the end of the movie was great–when the former house maid opens the stairway to the bunker in Park’s house where she was hiding her husband. That created the tension in the movie. Also the ending scene where Kim stabs Park was terrifying.
  • Throughout this movie, we see the gap between the rich and the poor–particularly the part where the Kim father, brother and sister, escape from the Park household, where the camera shows them running down the road and into the shanties where they live–away from the rich glamour to the slums.

Overall, I enjoyed watching the movie, and would recommend this movie. A must watch to those of you who haven’t seen the movie.

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