Top 5 Books Everyone likes but you hate….

Hey all! Today’s topic is slightly different. I will be listing out top 5 books, which have become popular among some people and even made into blockbuster movies but the books which I actually hated reading and never finished reading.

  1. Fifty Shades series
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Am I the only one here who hates Fifty shades? Well, I read first Fifty Shades of Grey since the book apparently listed out as most sold out books of that year or something so curious me, I read the book. I am not a fan of erotic fiction so maybe that’s why this book is not for me. I hated the book–the plot line is vague, writing is poor and is disgusting to read. I just don’t understand what the fuss is made about this book. Even my friends loved the series!

2. Twilight series

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This is one of those series I can’t stand. I don’t understand the hype on this book. The first book was OK but later on, it got boring to me. I don’t really fancy much on vampires so maybe that’s why I hated the series.

3. The Host

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Maybe I am not a fan of Stephenie Meyer but I didn’t even finish this book when I started reading it.

4. Wuthering Heights

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We have to do this book for our English Literature class and boy, this book actually put me to sleep! Though the first few chapters were interesting, later on it got boring and well, I started not paying any attention in class. Luckily I got through though 🙂

5. Two By Two

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There are good Nicholas Sparks books, like A Walk to Remember and The Longest Ride, and Dear John, but this book is not one of Nicholas Sparks’ greatest books. I didn’t enjoy reading the book and I didn’t even finish the book.

This is completely my opinion and I know some of you might even like these books I have mentioned as worst reads but feel free to tell me about your view as well!

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