Book Review- Indecent by Corinne Sullivan

Hey all, I will be doing a book review on Indecent, a debut book written by Corinne Sullivan.

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Shy, introverted Imogene Abney has always been fascinated by the elite world of prep schools, having secretly longed to attend one since she was a girl in Buffalo, New York. So, shortly after her college graduation, when she’s offered a teaching position at the Vandenberg School for Boys, an all-boys prep school in Westchester, New York, she immediately accepts, despite having little teaching experience–and very little experience with boys. 
When Imogene meets handsome, popular Adam Kipling a few weeks into her tenure there, a student who exudes charm and status and ease, she’s immediately drawn to him. Who is this boy who flirts with her without fear of being caught? Who is this boy who seems immune to consequences and worry; a boy for whom the world will always provide?
As an obsessive, illicit affair begins between them, Imogene is so lost in the haze of infatuation that she’s unable to recognize the danger she’s in. The danger of losing her job. The danger of losing herself in the wrong person. The danger of being caught doing something possibly illegal and so indecent.    
Exploring issues of class, sex, and gender, this smart, sexy debut by Corinne Sullivan shatters the black-and-white nature of victimhood, taking a close look at blame and moral ambiguity. 

Corinne Sullivan

Corinne Sullivan studied English with a Creative Writing Concentration at Boston College, where she graduated in 2014. She then received her MFA in fiction from Sarah Lawrence College in 2016. Her writing has appeared in POPSUGAR, The Millions, Refinery29, and Female First, among other publications. Indecent is her first novel.

This is the debut book of Corinne Sullivan, This book is about a college graduate, named Imogene Abney who starts teaching in one of America’s most privileged boys’ school. She develops a friendship with one of the students named Adam Kipling which eventually turns into a sexual relationship. Eventually, Imogene faces a threat of losing her job as well as facing jail time. Basically this is talking about a sexual relationship between a teacher and a student.

Now with all the books, I will start with the ones I like about the book.

  • The story is interesting and the reader is feeling that they are at the edge of the seat whether this relationship will get caught or not.
  • I like the author’s style of writing.

Now about the things I didn’t like about the book.

  • I didn’t really like the main character, Imogene much. She is naive, and creepy too (she stalks Adam literally) and also stupid. She also disrespects her family that she kind of feel ashamed to be a part of her family. She always dreamed of being in an elite family. And there are no favorable characters in this book.
  • Too much of sexual content in the book–sometimes it is a little disturbing to read at times and really reminds a little of Fifty Shades (except there is no BDSM)
  • This is kind of like a rip off of Gossip Girl (for those of you haven’t watched Gossip Girl, check it out)

This book is readable, not really a bad book. Overall, I give this book three stars!

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