Book Review- Cream Caramel and Murder by K.E. O’Connot

Hey all! I know I haven’t posted on the blog lately but here I am! Just finished with another book. I have reading lot of books on Kindle lately and this book is one of the books I read on Kindle. Cream Caramel and Murder is the debut book of K.E. O’Connor and the beginning of Holly Holmes series.

So here’s my review!

Cream Caramel and Murder (Holly Holmes Cozy Culinary Mystery Series Book 1) by [K.E. O'Connor]

Sweet treats, revenge, and murder.

Holly Holmes loves her new job working in the kitchen at Audley Castle, home to the eccentric and wealthy Audley family.

With her faithful corgi cross, Meatball, by her side, she enjoys a quiet life full of baking, researching old recipes, and trying any fun fitness fad – weighted hula hoop, anyone?

When the bumbling, and cute, Lord Rupert Audley requests some of her scrumptious desserts for his school reunion, she happily gets baking.

Everything is going great until Meatball discovers a hand sticking out of the ground, Princess Alice faints, and Holly gets stuck in the spotlight for murder!

If Holly can’t clear her name, she’ll lose her amazing new life in the beautiful Audley St. Mary, Meatball will go back to the animal shelter, and her freedom will be history.

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  • Publication Date: July 25, 2019
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  • Language: English
  • Genre:- Cozy Mystery
K E O'Connor

The writer of over 50 books in the paranormal adventure and cozy mystery genres. Her writing has mystery, adventure, excitement, and romance. She loves to make up new worlds and characters, and share stories for others to enjoy. She does this while hiding in her castle with a limitless supply of books, tea, cakes, and her many familiars (animals feature in most of her work.)

K.E. O’Connor loves reading anything that quickens her pulse and makes her fall in love with the characters. Her writing does the same. She has numerous series:

So I got this book free from Amazon. The title itself is cheesy and that it’s a cozy mystery book with a murder involved made me more intrigued so decided to try it out on the kindle. I was not disappointed with the book.

So in a nutshell, Holly Holmes, the main protagonist of the series loves her job working as a dessert chef in the Audley Castle. She of course loves her job. Holly’s desserts are loved by everyone including Princess Alice and Lord Rupert who are friends with Holly. So one day, Rupert asks Holly to make scrumptious desserts for this school reunion. The next day, Holly’s dog Meatball and Princess Alice finds a hand sticking out of the ground and eventually finds that one of Rupert’s friends was murdered. And Holly becomes a suspect and soon she starts sneaking around to see who is the real murderer.

So as usual, let’s start with the ones I like about the book.

  • I really like the author’s style of writing–it was simple and easy to understand.
  • The author also did a good job of making the reader hooked into the story and to actually makes the reader wants to see who had done it.
  • Even though the book is a mystery book, it was also funny as well.
  • All the characters in the book are likable. I really like the protagonist, Holly Holmes who I found as a very likable character.
  • I also like the friendship between Princess Alice and Holly.
  • Oh, I think Holly’s name for the dog Meatball is cute!

Now about the ones I didn’t like in the book.

  • The book is not very realistic but then again, I enjoy reading the book.

Overall, I really enjoy reading the book–fun to read and was engaging to read as well. I am actually looking forward to read all of Holly Holmes’ series! This is the first of the series.

I rate this book as five stars!

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