Cappuccinos, Cupcakes and a Corpse–Book Review

Happy Monday!! I am back with a book review–I got this book free from Kindle. The first series of Cape Bay series, Cappuccinos, Cupcakes and a Corpse, a cozy mystery book by Harper Li.

Cappuccinos, Cupcakes, and a Corpse (A Cape Bay Cafe Mystery Book 1) by [Harper Lin]

Francesca Amaro moves back to her hometown of Cape Bay, Massachusetts, and takes over the family business, Antonia’s Italian Café. She spends her days making delicious artisan cappuccinos, until she stumbles upon her neighbor’s dead body. When the police discover Mr. Cardosi was poisoned, Francesca becomes a suspect.

The victim’s son, Matty, happens to be Francesca’s old high school friend. Together, they uncover the secrets of the locals in order to find the killer in their idyllic beach town.

Print Length: 286 pages

Publication Date: May 25, 2015

Genre:- Cozy Mystery

Harper Lin is a USA TODAY Bestselling Author of cozy mysteries. When she’s not reading or writing mysteries, she loves going to yoga classes, hiking, and hanging out with her family and friends.

I have been reading a lot of cozy mystery books and this is one of the books. The story begins with Francesca, who moves back to her hometown in Cape Bay from New York after her mother had passed away. She owns a family chain cafe in Cape Bay and keeps herself busy most of the time. And one day, when she was on her way home, she sees Mr. Cordozi, slumped on his chair, dead. And then begins her investigation.

So let’s start with the ones I like about the book.

  • I like the book cover of the book.
  • Towards the end, the book got interesting as both Fran and her childhood friend Matt set about to find Mr. Cordozi’s killer.

Things I didn’t like

  • I felt many parts of the story was not really related to the story–a lot of unnecessary parts

Overall this is an OK book. Give three star rating

Poul Anderson Appreciation: Three Stars

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