Tuesday’s Child – Book Review

Hello all! Back with a book review! Just finished reading Tuesday’s Child by Anya Mora. Here’s my review!

Tuesday's Child: A gripping page turner full of twists and family secrets by [Anya Mora]

My daughter is dead.
My husband and I cling to what’s left of our family, desperate to make sense of the tragedy.
But when the sheriff knocks, he delivers news no mother should ever have to hear.
Our daughter was murdered.
And my son is the prime suspect.

When we adopted eleven-year-old Holden, we weren’t wearing rose-colored glasses.
But we never could have imagined this.

They say you can’t pick your family.
But I picked mine.
Did I choose my daughter’s murderer?

Tuesday’s Child is a gripping domestic suspense. Doubt, desire, and the demise of a once picture-perfect family force Emery, wife to a state senator, to live out a mother’s worst nightmare.

Print Length: 310 pages

Publication Date: January 1, 2020

Genre:– Domestic Thriller

Anya Mora

Anya Mora relies on her experience as a wife and mother to form her creative expression. Her novels, while leaning toward the dark, ultimately reflect light, courage, and her innate belief that love rewards the brave.

You can discover more about the author at https://anyamora.com

This is the first book I have read from this author. I got this book free from Kindle.

In a nutshell, Emery Gable, wife of a promising politician, Mark Gable is struggling to come to terms with the death of her daughter, Betsy, who died on the day of Halloween, by falling on the ravine. But then later on, the police officers, Cooper Dawson and Margot tells them that Betsy didn’t die from an accident, but was murdered. And that their prime suspect is Holden, the boy that Emery adopted almost a year ago.

Now as usual, I will start with the ones I like about the book.

  • The book was fast paced so the author did a good job keeping the reader hooked into the story.
  • The book was realistic as the author has written how much the family is going through an emotional turmoil after adoption, including how to cope with a child who had worse experiences, losing the friendships as well as putting a turmoil on the married life.
  • I like how Holden was portrayed as a troubled young boy with anger management issues, though his relationship with Betsy was that of a strong brother-sister bond.
  • I also like how Emery’s relationship with Cooper, who happened to be her ex-boyfriend from high school and how they both have feelings for each other. I also how the author portrayed the married life between Emery and Mark as strained, which made it more realistic.
  • The book is told from the perspective of Emery, dividing between The Present, starting with the day Betsy was murder and The Past, starting with the day Holden was adopted into the family, so we can get an insight of how Emery is struggling with the death of her daughter and her challenges with raising Holden.
  • I also like how the author included Betsy’s perspective so the reader would know what really happened to Betsy on the night she was killed.
  • The ending of the book was a bit unexpected with a surprising twist.

Now the things I didn’t like about the book.

There were some unnecessary parts that is not relevant to the plot of the book.

Overall, this is a good fast paced thriller book, emotional and gripping. Worth five stars!

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