The Last To Know- Book Review

Thank You Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for this book! This review is completely based on my honest opinion.

The Last to Know

American journalist Rose Kynaston has just relocated to the childhood home of her husband, Dylan, in the English village of his youth. There’s a lot for Rose to get used to in Hurtwood. Like the family’s crumbling mansion, inhabited by Dylan’s reclusive mother, and the treacherous hill it sits upon, a place of both sinister folklore and present dangers.

Then there are unwelcoming villagers, who only whisper the name Kynaston—like some dreadful secret, a curse. Everyone knows what happened at Hurtwood House twenty years ago. Everyone except Rose. And now that Dylan is back, so are rumors about his past.

When an archaeological dig unearths human remains on the hill, local police sergeant Ellie Trevelyan vows to solve a cold case that has cast a chill over Hurtwood for decades.

As Ellie works to separate rumor from facts, Rose must fight to clear the name of the man she loves. But how can Rose keep her family safe if she is the last to know the truth? 

No. of pages: – 289 pages

Date Published:- August 11th 2020

Genre:- Psychological Suspense

Jo Furniss

After spending a decade as a broadcast journalist for the BBC, Jo Furniss gave up the glamour of night shifts to become a freelance writer and serial expatriate. Originally from the United Kingdom, she spent seven years in Singapore and also lived in Switzerland and Cameroon.

As a freelance journalist, Jo worked for numerous online outlets and magazines, including Monocle and the Economist. She has edited books for a Nobel laureate and the palace of the Sultan of Brunei. She has a Distinction in MA Professional Writing from Falmouth University.

Jo’s debut novel, All the Little Children, was an Amazon Charts bestseller.

Rose Kynaston, an American journalist moves to England with her husband Dylan and their son Adel from Kenya to start a new life in Dylan’s childhood home and town, in Hurtwood. The crumbling mansion is occupied by Gwendoline, Dylan’s mother who seemed to be suffering from dementia. While Rose is trying to get used to living in a small village, she discovers how much the villagers seemed to despise the name Kynaston, a rumor about a soccer player who seemed to have committed suicide some twenty years ago and how Dylan’s father is responsible for the apparent suicide. And now that Dylan has returned back, those rumors seemed to have resurfaced once again. Then one day, while doing an archaeological excavation, human skeletal remains are found on the hill and the local police sergeant, Ellie vows to solve the case. Rose meanwhile is determined to clear her husband’s name.

Initially at first, the book was a bit slow paced but soon, it got it’s momentum, towards the middle, with the discovery of skeletal remains. There were so many suspects with Dylan being the main suspect and as a reader, you would hope that Rose was right to defend and clear her husband’s name. The secrets, the twist towards the end was something that was unexpected. I actually started liking the book by the middle and I was hooked into the story.

The story was told from Rose’s perspective mostly, with her sheer determination to investigate more about the alleged soccer player who committed crime. She is a journalist and she would do anything to save her husband and clear his name. I really like Rose’s determination and she became a favorable character to me. The story itself is somewhat realistic. Gwendoline’s dementia problem was outlined well in the book. I must say the book was well written although as I said, the first few chapters were a bit boring to me.

Overall, this is a good psychological thriller and also a quick read although at the beginning, to me it was a bit slow paced. Worth four stars in my opinion! If this book intrigues you, you can buy the book from Amazon!

four stars copy – Bollywood Journalist

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