The Holiday Detour – Book Review

The second book blog post! This time, it’s The Holiday Detour by Jane Kolven and here is my review!

The Holiday Detour by [Jane Kolven]

Sometimes it takes everything going wrong to make you see how right things are.

Dana Gottfried is a stressed-out Jewish lesbian who’s just quit her job and wants to get home to see her grandmother. When her car breaks down in Indiana on Christmas Eve, Dana is stranded—until she’s rescued by Charlie, a pig farmer who doesn’t identify as male or female. Although they come from different worlds, Dana is intrigued by Charlie’s sense of humor and kindness. Despite her better judgment, Dana says yes when Charlie offers a ride.

But the journey home is paved with detours. From car accidents to scheming ex-girlfriends to a snowy and deserted Chicago Loop, everything that could go wrong on their road trip does, but it leads Dana on a path of self-discovery that just might end in love

No. of pages :- 155 pages

Published:- will be published on 15th September 2020

Genre:- LGBTIQ fiction

Jane Kolven

Jane Kolven is an author of contemporary, fun LGBTQ romances. She is proud to create stories that show a variety of LGBTQ people finding happiness–because everyone deserves love. Jane currently lives in Michigan with her wife and their pets.

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC of this book! This is completely based on my honest opinion.

In a nutshell, Dana Gottfried, who seems to have quit her job before getting fired was driving all the way from Cleveland to Chicago to be with her Nana for Christmas. She is a Jewish Lesbian and is stressed out with her life. But on the way, her car breaks down in the middle of Indiana and in comes the rescuer, Charlie, who identifies themselves as queer. What begins is the whole drama as they try to make it to Chicago to celebrate the Christmas and the budding relationship between Dana and Charlie.

This is the second LGBTIQ book I have read and the first book I have read from this author. However, despite the story being a bit short, I didn’t really enjoy much. I was skimming through most of the pages and it was a bit boring to read. The plot is great but the writing wasn’t that really good, too much of unrealistic things in the books. However, towards the end, it got a little better.

Overall it was an OK book to read though and I would give 2.5 stars for this book. This book will be released on 15th September so if you are interested, you can pre-order the book now on Amazon!

Poul Anderson Appreciation: Three Stars

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