You Are Invited, A Ghost Story – Book Review

Hey all! I am back with another book review! This time it is Sarah Denzil’s You Are Invited.

You Are Invited: A Ghost Story by [Sarah A. Denzil]

When Cath receives her invitation to The Event–a monetised retreat for social media influencers–she can’t believe her luck. Irene Jobert is the most famous influencer in the world, and now Cath will be one of the five participants chosen to stay with Irene in a renovated Transylvanian monastery.

The catch? Their every move will be live-streamed to millions of people around the world. Patrons pay for constant access to their favourite social media stars: Irene, the model; Nathan, the gamer; Jules, the blogger; Daniel, the fitness guru; and Cath, the writer.

Nestled halfway up a mountain, the five are isolated, with nothing but the internet to connect them to the world. That is,until eagle-eyed live-stream followers all around the globe notice a sixth participant. A dark figure lurking in the background.

They thought they were alone. Perhaps they were wrong.

No. of pages:- 219 pages

Date published:- will be published on September 15th 2020

Genre:- Ghost Thriller

Sarah A. Denzil

Sarah A. Denzil is a British suspense writer from Derbyshire. Her books include SILENT CHILD, which has topped the kindle charts in the UK and Australia, as well as being a top ten Amazon bestseller in the US. SAVING APRIL and THE BROKEN ONES are both top thirty bestsellers in the US and UK Amazon charts.

Sarah lives in Yorkshire with her partner, enjoying the scenic countryside and rather unpredictable weather. She loves to write moody, psychological books about ordinary people in extraordinary situations

Thank You Netgalley and the publisher for providing an ARC. This review is completely based on my honest opinion.

Cath who is an aspiring novelist was invited for the “Event” organized by one of her idols and a popular internet star, Irene Jobart along with other bloggers, Dan, a yoga instructor, Jules and Nathan. The Event is organized an abandoned monastery in a village of Romania. However, the abandoned monastery has a dark history–the nuns in the monastery were found brutally murdered somewhere in 1946 and the rumor was that the monastery was haunted. And there are wolves around the area especially a particular white colored wolf. When Cath moved in, her pills went missing and soon, eerie things started happening around the monastery…

This is the first book I have read from this author. I was really hooked into the story. Ghost thrillers really intrigue me. A somewhat unreliable narrator but still, I kept reading the book, wanting more. There were twists and turns towards the end, and an unexpected end. The ghost story of the monastery really intrigued me and I was so hooked into the story. I like how the friendship developed between Jules and Cath and at the same time how each of the characters started distrusting each other, particularly towards Irene. The writing was good and the author did a good job keeping the reader at the edge! Reading the dark ghost parts of the story really kept me on the edge and left my heart beating! And also, this is a fast paced thriller so it was good and there were OMG moments in the book.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading the story. A fast paced thriller that will keep you read all night, wanting to know more and might even scare you a bit! Worth five stars!

The Fault in Our Five Stars. Art imitates life, life imitates art… | by  Kevin Luke | RTA902 (Social Media) | Medium

If this book interests you, you can pre-order a copy now on Amazon! This book will be released on September 15th 2020.

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