Holiday in the Hills – Book Review

Hey all! I just returned back from the trip to Trincomalee and boy, I am dog tired…but anyway, I managed to finish Holiday in the Hills, by Lilac Mills!

Holiday in the Hills

How do you write a romance novel with a broken heart?

Ivy is suffering from writer’s block after a disastrous affair with her (now ex) publisher. Her agent suggests an extended holiday to get her writing career back on track – a month’s stay in a stunning villa on the gorgeous island of Tenerife.

No WiFi, no TV, no distractions.

Except for the very attractive, very lovely Sebastián who comes by every day to clean the pool. Soon Ivy’s on a roll with her new novel and her relationship with Sebastián is growing into something more, despite the secrets he’s keeping.

But her ex isn’t done with her – professionally or personally. And with Sebastián keeping secrets, maybe a return to London is best…

A heartwarming, romantic escape perfect for fans of Sue Moorcroft, Mandy Baggot and Portia MacIntosh.

No. of pages:- 216 pages

Date published:- 8th October 2020

Genre:- Holiday romance

Thank you Netgalley and Canelo for giving me ARC! This review is based strictly on my honest opinion.

Ivy Winters is going through her heartbreak when her publisher/ex-lover Daniel insults her latest manuscript and then dumps her for another upcoming author. Her agent Nora, sends Ivy off to a villa in Tenerife so Ivy could come up with a manuscript in the span of six months she was going to be there. But the villa has no TV, no Wi-fi despite the fact that the villa has a beautiful view of the mountains and was a cozy place to live.

Along with a very handsome and hot man named Sebastian who comes to the villa every now and then as a maintenance worker and who cleans the pool. Ivy was soon mesmerized by Sebastian’s hotness that she immediately comes up a character based on Sebastian named Nathaniel and soon starts polishing up her novel. And while working on the novel, Ivy and Sebastian soon develops closeness…

I really like the plot line–the book itself is well written and the author did a good job drawing the reader into the story. Though I am not much of a romance novel fan, this book actually won me over–I really like how the chemistry between Ivy and Sebastian soon developed and began to turn into a romantic relationship. I also like how funny the story is too–there were some parts in the book where I actually burst into laughing! The description of the villa with the view of the mountains, the family ties with Sebastian, the description of the small town and also the food made me feel like I am in that place with Ivy and enjoying the lonely but nice vacation or something. I would say, I really enjoyed reading this book and looking forward to read more from this author–worth totally five stars!

The Fault in Our Five Stars. Art imitates life, life imitates art… | by  Kevin Luke | RTA902 (Social Media) | Medium

For anyone who is interested in this book, you can pre-order your copy on Amazon as this will be released on 8th October!

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