The Dogs of Winter – Book Review

Hey all! I am back with the book review–The Dogs of Winter by Ann Lambert

The Dogs of Winter (A Russell and Leduc Mystery Book 2) by [Ann Lambert]

The sequel to The Birds That Stay – hailed by the New York Journal of Books as “a fascinating and gripping tale of suspense” and the Globe and Mail as one of “Ten thrillers that will keep you on the edge of your seat”. Says Ann Cleeves of the new book: “it’s about power and powerlessness in the dead of winter. And more than that, it’s a rollicking good read.” The Dogs of Winter begins after a howling snowstorm envelops Montreal, and the body of a young woman is discovered in its wake. The only clue to her identity is the photograph in her pocket, and on it, the phone number of Detective Inspector Romeo Leduc. Meanwhile, Marie and Romeo are busy navigating their deepening relationship, and a student at Marie’s college is the victim of a terrible assault. While Romeo begins to think that the dead woman may be linked to violence against several homeless people in the city, the search for justice in both cases is thwarted by societal apathy and ignorance, even as the killer is stalking the frigid streets of Montreal, preying on and terrorizing its most vulnerable citizens.

No. of pages:- 328 pages

Date published:- 20th October 2020

Genre:- Thriller

Thank You Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC. This review is based completely on my honest opinion.

This is the first time I have read the book from this author and is the sequel to The Birds That Stay but it was OK to read as a standalone book.

The story begins with a woman named Rosie braving through the winter storm with a dog in her arms when she got hit by a car driven by a wealthy and popular woman named Danielle, who ignored the accident and fled the scene. Then there is a serial killer on loose who seemed to be murdering the homeless indigenous people and then a girl who got raped by a well known man. The story is based in Canada.

I like the pace of the story–the story is somewhat realistic in a sad way at how the indigenous people, named Inuit in Canada are often vulnerable to attacks in Montreal which is actually sad, coupled with the #MeToo movement, when a girl named Michaela, a student of Marie gets raped by a man who is well known to the society. There is some sort of thrill in the book, fast paced, page turner and is well written, as the author did a good job making the reader into the story. Learned some French words while reading the book! The only bad thing is too many characters so I kind of had a hard time keeping up with the characters.

Overall, this is a good thriller that will make you enjoy reading the book–worth four stars!

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