Sisters – Book Review

Hey all! Yesterday I decided to take a break from blogging but today I am back with a book review! It’s Sisters by Michelle Frances

Sisters by [Michelle Frances]

Is blood really thicker than water?

Abby and Ellie were never close as children. Now in their thirties, they each harbour deep-rooted resentment for the other – Abby for her sister’s looks and her status as their mother’s favourite. Ellie meanwhile is envious of Abby’s perfect husband and picturesque home, a villa on the sun-soaked Italian island of Elba.

When Abby invites Ellie to stay, both sisters see the break as a chance to relax and put aside their differences. But with their mother Susanna there too, all the simmering tensions of the past quickly rise to the surface. And Ellie suspects that Abby and their mother are keeping a dangerous secret . . .

But after a shocking act, the sisters have only each other to rely on. Vulnerable and scared, trusting each other will be the biggest risk of all . . .

No. of pages:- 312 pages

Date published:- July 23rd 2020

Genre:- Thriller

Abby and Ellie are sisters but they don’t get along well. Abby used to have a very successful job but at the age of thirty six, she retires, moves to Elba and lives with her Italian husband Matteo in a villa. Ellie is a struggling schoolteacher with mounts of credit card debt and she was invited by Abby to spend time with them as Abby wanted to get to know her sister. But their mother, Susanna tags along and then the drama begins.

I like the plot line of the story. I mean with Abby and Ellie, I get to travel around Europe, cruising through Italy, France and Spain with police on pursuit. The characters in the story are complex as well–Abby is a bit reserved and wants to make amends with Ellie but their mother, Susanna didn’t want the two sisters to get along–in fact Susanna is trying to pinpoint the blame on Abby that Abby was trying to poison Ellie. Then the arrival of Susanna’s grandmother Kathleen adds more drama into the story as we learn that Kathleen is cold person. Then of course, the ending was unexpected! I also like how the relationship with Abby and Ellie improved on their road trip around Europe.

Overall, this was a good thriller, quiet a page turner and will keep you at the end of your seat! Worth four stars!

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Michelle Frances

Bestselling author Michelle Frances graduated from Bournemouth Film School, Bournemouth, and from the Masters program at the American Film Institute, Los Angeles. Returning to London, she has worked in film and TV for several years as a script editor and producer for both the independent sector and BBC Wales Drama, producers of Dr. Who, War and Peace and Sherlock. The Girlfriend, her debut psychological thriller, has been optioned by Imaginarium Studios and translation rights have sold in sixteen foreign territories.

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