Under Almond Blossoms – Book Review

Love and loss are in the air as the almond blossom falls.

Milla has always felt alone in the world. The only child of a distant mother, she has no other family, and even her forthcoming marriage to Paul feels more like settling than true romance. But then a letter arrives, announcing that a Spanish grandmother she knew nothing about has recently died and left her a small shop in Mallorca.

Milla is confused and hurt, but determined to uncover the truth. She travels to Palma, where she is enchanted by the beauty of the old town in springtime. At the shop she now owns, she meets Leandro, a handsome local who helps her piece together the story of her grandmother, Abbi. But it’s a story full of unexpected secrets, of hidden love and bitter betrayal, and it challenges everything Milla thought she knew about her family—and herself.

Faced with these new truths, Milla has a difficult choice to make. Will she go back to Paul and be the person she was before, or follow her heart on a blossom-strewn island?

No. of pages:- 287 pages

Date published:- will be published on 8th December 2020

Genre:- Women’s Fiction

Thank You Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC of this book! This review is based on my complete honest opinion.

The story starts with Millie, who is getting married to Paul and who seemed to be having a not so good relationship with her own mother, Sarah. Until one day, she gets an unexpected letter from a notary about a grandmother named Abbie, whom Millie never knew about leaving behind a souvenir shop in Mallorca as the inheritance. Millie then sets off to Mallorca and finds out that she has Jewish roots and about her grandmother’s story during the 1950’s…

The story changed from present to 1950’s–present Millie where she is investigating about her grandmother, getting to know about her and 1950’s about Abbigail who owns a souvenir shop living under discrimination for the fact that she has Jewish ancestry. It is a bit interesting to know a little about history during the 1950s at the time. The writing was good and the author did a good job engaging the reader into the story. I also like how the relationship between Millie and Sarah, her mother improved over their time in Mallorca. However, the story was a bit predictable but other than that, the story talked about friendship, relationships and of course about love.

Overall, this is a good book–I enjoyed reading the book. Worth four stars!

Charity Navigator 4-Star Rating | United Way of Acadiana
Anja Saskia Beyer

Anja Saskia Beyer studied dramatics, communications and advertising psychology in Munich and has worked successfully as a TV scriptwriter. Her debut novel became an instant e-book bestseller in 2013. Since then she has published eleven novels.

She lives in Berlin with her family – husband, children and a dog.

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