Their Frozen Graves – Book Review

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Their Frozen Graves (Detective Mackenzie Price #2)

Two women are dead. They both look like you.

The giant stretch of frozen river was melting and the light made the lake glitter like crystals. The women lay side by side on the shore, eyes open and glassy. Their long, dark hair was like tangled rope, their faces a reflection of each other…

When two bodies are found dumped in a vast lake in Lakemore, Washington, Detective Mackenzie Price is first on the scene. She identifies one of the victims as Katy Becker, a local known for her work helping the community. The other victim looks strikingly similar.

Still grappling with a shocking revelation from her past, Mack is only too happy to throw herself into the case. But when she goes to break the news to Katy’s husband, the investigation takes an unexpected turn: Katy is very much alive, and has never met the women who resemble her so closely.

Now the race is on to find the killer before Katy becomes the next victim. But when Mack unearths a disturbing connection to a sixteen-year-old suicide, she realizes they could be hunting someone whose crimes span decades—and there are more lives than just Katy’s at stake.

Addictive, pulse-pounding and packed full of jaw-dropping twists, fans of Lisa Regan, Angela Marsons and Karin Slaughter will love the Their Frozen Graves

No. of pages:- 381 pages

Date published:- will be published on 7th January 2021

Genre:- Thriller

Thank You Netgalley and the Bookouture for the ARC of this book! This review is based on my honest opinion.

This is the second book of the Detective Mackenzie Price series and although I haven’t read the first book yet, this book was actually really good. The story starts with Detective Mackenzie Price meeting her father, the man she thought was dead many years ago and buried in the backyard of her childhood house. Then after the corruption faced by the Lakemore PD and trying to move on, two bodies of women were found in an ice park in Lakemore–the women looked identical to each other. and one of these women is identified as Katy, an activist in Lakemore. The second victim, who looked very much like Katy seemed to have undergone plastic surgery to look much like her. Detective Price must solve the cases while solving her personal issues with her father.

The writing was really good and I was hooked into the story!!! It was intriguing, interesting and unputdownable with lot of twists and unexpected turns you would never expect!!! The ending left me breathless that I was a bit shocked and was actually unexpected. Kudos to the author, who did a good job keeping the reader hooked into the story! I really like Ruhi Chaudary’s writing–the descriptions of the places made me imagine as a reader that I was with Mackenzie Price and the scientific details of the the plastic surgery was realistic and accurate. I cannot wait to read more from this author.

Overall, I rate this book as five stars!

If you want to read this book, you can pre-order your copy now on Amazon!

Ruhi Choudhary

Ruhi Choudhary discovered her passion for writing when she was seven years old and wrote her first Star Trek episode. Being a fan of the dark and twisted, she found her calling in crime thriller.

She likes to write stories that make you a little uncomfortable and characters that you struggle to make up your mind about but stay with you.

She lives in Toronto and spends her days training to be a scientist and wishing it rained more often!

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