The Moonglow Sisters – The Book Review

The Moonglow Sisters: A Novel by [Lori Wilde]

It’s Jill Shalvis meets Susan Mallery in this gorgeous novel by New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde about three sisters, one small town, a wedding, and the summer that changes everything.

Welcome to Moonglow Cove, Texas, a place where your neighbors know your name and the gentle waves of the Gulf of Mexico lap lazily against the sands. It’s a magical spot, especially in the summertime…

Once the town was the home of the Clark sisters—brought up by their grandmother at the Moonglow Inn. Nicknamed “The Moonglow Sisters”, as children they were inseparable.  Then, a wedding-day betrayal tore them apart and they scattered across the globe and away from each other.  But the sisters have at last come home…

There’s Maddie: smart, sensible, and stubborn. Shelley, who ran off to find her bliss. And Gia, a free-spirit determined to keep the peace. It’s her impending wedding that keeps them together…but Gia has a secret, and when her sisters find out all heck is going to break loose!

The Moonglow Sisters continues Lori Wilde’s trademark storytelling to create an unforgettable novel of family, betrayal, love, and second chances.

No. of pages:- 397 pages

Date published:- March 3rd 2020

Genre:- Women’s Fiction

This book has been in my want to read book list for a while. So when I got the audio book version of this book on Scribd, I decided to give it a try.

Madison, Shelley and Gia Clark are known as Moonglow sisters and each of them have different personalities. Madison has become famous in her own show and live a glamorous life in Manhattan, Shelley after an incident with Madison moves to Costa Rica and Gia came back from Japan and is running a successful kite business in the hometown of Moonglow Cove, Texas. So when the girls’ grandmother wants the three sisters to be reunited a finish the quilt, the three sisters return back to Moonglow cove with secrets unveiled and emotions running high between the sisters…

Personally, I thought the novel was good. The narrator did a good job narrating and I was drawn into the story. The main theme of the story was five years ago, a betrayal had ruined the relationship between the sisters and their relationship got estranged as a result and the girl’s grandmother, who had brain surgery, her last wish was to see the girls rekindle their relationship by finishing up the quilt, which was originally a wedding gift for Madison. The author has beautifully outlined the estranged relationship between the sisters, particularly Madison and Shelley and the story was made somewhat realistic at those emotional turmoil each sister is facing. The story was based from the perspectives of the sister, Gia, Madison and Shelley. The only thing was, the sex scene was a bit weird and it was a bit predictable as what will happen in the end but nonetheless, it was easy and fun, perfect book to read during the summer.

Overall, I rate this book as four stars!

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Lori Wilde

Lori Wilde is an award-winning, New York Times, USA Today and Publishers’ Weekly bestselling author of 91 works of romantic fiction. Her books have been translated into 26 languages, with more than four million copies of her books sold worldwide. Her breakout novel, The First Love Cookie Club, has been optioned for a TV movie, as well as her Wedding Veil Wishes series.

Lori is a registered nurse with a BSN from Texas Christian University. She holds a certificate in forensics and is also a certified yoga instructor. A fifth-generation Texan, Lori lives with her husband, Bill, in the Cutting Horse Capital of the World; where they run Epiphany Orchards, a writing/creativity retreat for the care and enrichment of the artistic soul.

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