Audiobooks or Normal books?

Hey all! I decided to try out a different topic today. Would you prefer audiobooks or just books? Well let’s see

So lately, through Scribd, some of the books I have been listening through audiobooks. Here are some advantages of listening to audiobooks, based on my opinion

  1. You can used the audiobook while you are working–in this case, while I was doing chores around the house, I used audiobook to listen and it was actually easier for me.
  2. Must easier and faster to finish–in my opinion, audiobooks are actually easier and faster. I realized I was able to finish audiobooks much faster than with normal books
  3. You can listen to an audiobook anywhere you go–I don’t usually go out but when I do, I download audiobooks on my phone and it was easy.

Then what are the disadvantages of audiobooks?

  1. If you get a bad narrator, then the story will be completely ruined and you don’t feel like enjoying audiobooks but wished you read a book!

So personally, I think audiobooks are good for people with busy chaotic life but then nothing beats a book and they are literally both the same!

Image result for audiobooks meme


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