Books vs Movie – Part 1

So as a book lover, how do you feel when the book you really loved was made into a movie? Well, sometimes, there are certain books I wish was made into a movie. But when I see the movie, I feel the book was better!

So today, I am going to select a book that was made into a movie and compare them with each other.

So the book I am going to select today is…The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

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Have you read the Kite Runner? If you haven’t, then you should buy the book and read it. One of the powerful, haunting and emotional books I have read, and debut book of Khaled Hosseini and talks about friendship between two Afghan boys.

This book was adapted ino a film

Image result for the kite runner

Have you watched the movie? Maybe you have. But if you have not read the book nor watched the movie, my suggestion is, read the book before watching the movie.

I have read the book AND have watched the movie so that’s why I selected this book. So here are the pros and cons of the movie.


  • Hassan is my favorite character in both the book and the movie and the boy who portrayed as Hassan did a good job.
  • Even Amir, though he is not really my favorite character (until the end), both the child actor and the adult actor did a good job portraying the role
  • The music background used in the movie was beautiful and really outlined the movie


  • I felt the movie didn’t really do much justice to the book. I was so emotional and almost cried while reading the book, but with the movie, I didn’t feel like that way much.
  • The movie was a bit rushed in my opinion and missed out chunks of some important events that were in the book–particularly the adoption part. I am not going to spoil much but Amir went through a lot when he was going to adopt Sohrab, Hassan’s son.

My verdict?

The book is better than the movie!!!!!

So if you watched the Kite Runner do you agree with me? Leave a comment below!

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