The Redwood Asylum – ARC Book Review

The Redwood Asylum: A Paranormal Horror by [L.A.  Detwiler]

From the USA Today Bestseller L.A. Detwiler comes a new eerie horror filled with secrets, ghosts, and murder.

The dead do talk … if you’re brave enough to hear their sinister secrets.

In a thick forest sits a forgotten stone building, The Redwood Asylum. Once inside, the criminally insane, the darkly disturbed, and the eternally confused residents learn one thing very quickly: they are at the mercy of ruthless evil in many forms.

At twenty-six, Jessica Rosen starts a new job at Redwood in the hopes of forgetting an insidious past. She quickly realizes, however, that Redwood harbors malevolent secrets and beings in every chilly corner. On her second day adjusting to her job, the unstable man in 5B quickly latches onto Jessica in an unsettling way. When his rantings and warnings start to make sense, though, Jessica will be taken on a ride of secrets, murder, and dangerous beings. As she begins to uncover the horrifying truths behind the man’s past , the terrors of Redwood Asylum will follow her home and make her question her own sanity.

Can Jessica solve the secrets of the man in 5B in time to save herself, or will the terrors trap her in Redwood’s evil clutches forever?

No. of pages:- 222 pages

Published:- 12th March 2021

Genre:- Horror

I love watching horror movies and so I was thrilled when I got a chance to read a horror book!

Jessica gets a new job as a nurse in an asylum called Redwood Asylum for criminally insane. On the second day of her work, she comes across a man in 5B who has been locked for years and who latches on Jessica in an unsettling way. And soon, Jessica is haunted by some children and she is determined to find secrets at the asylum…

To my utter surprise, this story was actually good! The writing was great and it was actually as if I was watching a horror movies. We know that the main character Jessica is somewhat an unreliable, dysfunctional character with something to hide to work in a place like Redwood Asylum. I was so engrossed into the book that I didn’t even realize until I came to the end that I have finished the book! It was really good! It was engaging, and at times, there were some horror in the book as expected. The ending was somewhat unexpected, as you are rooting to the main character, wondering what will happen to the main character soon.

I really enjoyed this book–an unputdownable horror book worth five stars!

L.A. Detwiler

L.A. Detwiler is the USA TODAY Bestselling thriller author of The Widow Next Door and several other chilling page-turners. She is also a high school English teacher from Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania.

During her final year at Mount Aloysius College, she started writing her first fiction novel, which was published in 2015. She has also written articles that have appeared in several women’s publications and websites. L.A. Detwiler lives in her hometown with her husband, Chad. They have five cats and a mastiff named Henry.

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