Sunshine and Second Chances – Book Review

Sunshine and Second Chances: A feel-good, uplifting story about friendship, love and second chances. by [Kim Nash]

It’s never too late for second chances.

Liv wants her friends to think she has the perfect life. But honestly? She’s running on empty. Desperate for a break from her needy family, Liv is determined that as she and her three life-long friends turn fifty they will honour their promise to each other – made on a beach at sunrise twenty-nine years before – to celebrate this milestone together.

And what better place to celebrate than a gorgeous villa in the Algarve? They’ll enjoy the stunning beaches, picturesque fishing towns and glorious climate, and maybe be spoiled by the gorgeous Eduardo, who’s making one particular heart unexpectedly flutter…

Liv’s friends can’t wait to escape with her: Debs is newly single, Fiona is caring for her mum, and Samantha is grieving. But does time away make the heart grow fonder? Is the thought of returning to reality too hard to bear? Is what they have really all there is to life?

It begins as a reunion in the sunshine, but little do the four friends know what life-changing decisions they’ll all be making before their flight home…

No. of pages:- 237 pages

Date published:- June 4th 2020

Genre:- Women’s Fiction

The last time the four friends, Liv, Debs, Samantha and Fiona met each other were in Corfu though they have kept in touch with each other–Liv was sick of her married life with George, as she is sick of acting more like a caretaker than a part of the family, Debs is newly single, separated from her husband Dave, Samantha is having an estranged relationship with her son Peter who is away at the uni and Fiona is worried about her mother who is suffering from dementia. The four friends meet each other in Portugal in a sunny coast and rent a holiday villa with gorgeous view of the sea and a land filled with good looking people.

This story talks more about the friendship between these four women and how they support each other during the hard times and giving each other some advices. Though this type of story is not my forte, nonetheless, I enjoyed reading this book. The story got me hooked from the beginning and didn’t realize until I came to the end that I have finished with the book! The characters in this book are all likable, particularly, my favorite character in this book was Debs as she was funny and warm. The descriptions of picturesque landscapes and view of the oceans in the book made me travel with these ladies to the coast of Portugal that I imagined myself being with them, enjoying the holidays. I do like the friendship between these four ladies and how they support each other during the hard times.

Overall, this is an unputdownable, warm tale of friendship and of course romance, taking place in a beautiful scenic coastal town of Portugal–worth five stars!

Kim Nash

Kim Nash is an author of uplifting, funny, heartwarming, feel-good, romantic fiction and has always wanted to write books since she was a little girl.

Her latest book is Moonlight Over Muddleford Cove.

Her book published in June 2020, Sunshine and Second Chances, was shortlisted for the 2020 Amazon Kindle Storyteller Award.

She lives in Staffordshire with son Ollie and English Setter rescue dog Roni, is Head of Publicity for publisher Bookouture (part of Hachette UK) and is a book blogger at

Kim won the Romantic Novelists Association’s Media Star of the Year in 2016, which she still can’t quite believe. She is now quite delighted to be a member of the RNA as an author.

When she’s not working or writing, and in non-Covid times, Kim can be found walking her dog at Cannock Chase, reading, writing, standing on the sidelines of a football pitch cheering on Ollie, and binge watching box sets on the TV. She’s also quite partial to a spa day and a gin and tonic (not at the same time!) Kim also runs a book club in Cannock, Staffs and organises local and national reader/author events.

Amazing Grace was her debut novel which came out in April 2019.

Escape to Giddywell Grange is Kim’s second novel and was published in September 2019.

Sunshine and Second Chances is Kim’s third novel and was published in June 2020.

Moonlight Over Muddleford Cove is her fourth book and was published in March 2021.

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