I See You – Book Review

I See You: The addictive Number One Sunday Times Bestseller by [Clare Mackintosh]

You do the same thing every day.
You know exactly where you’re going.
You’re not alone . . .

When Zoe Walker sees her photo in the classifieds section of a London newspaper, she is determined to find out why it’s there. There’s no explanation: just a grainy image, a website address and a phone number. She takes it home to her family, who are convinced it’s just someone who looks like Zoe. But the next day the advert shows a photo of a different woman, and another the day after that.

Is it a mistake? A coincidence? Or is someone keeping track of every move they make . . .

No. of pages:- 386 pages

Date published:- July 28th 2016

Genre:- Psychological Thriller

After reading her I Let You Go, which is Clare Mackintosh’s debut book, I always wanted to have a chance to read more of her books. So when I finally got a chance to read this book, I was mighty excited!

Zoe Walker, a commuter who travels to London for work uses the same route always. So when she sees her own picture on an escort ad in London Gazette newspaper, she was shocked and surprised. A few days ago, a woman was found murdered in a park and her picture too appeared on London Gazette on the same ad, a few weeks before she was murdered. Another woman was raped and another woman was burgled in her own home, all their pictures appeared on London Gazette. Is it merely a coincidence or someone playing a sick game?

I do enjoyed the plot very well. The story is told mainly of Zoe’s perspectives and also Kelly, the detective who starts investigating the case along with another detective Nick as they believe there is some connection between the attacks and the ads. There were twists and turns, the thriller was quiet fast paced and I was hooked into the story. However it was a bit predictable though the ending, the epilogue part was kind of unexpected. The characters are all realistic and you could actually relate Zoe’s paranoia and anxiety as she felt that someone might be stalking after her.

Overall, it was a good thriller, quiet unputdownable with some twists and turns you didn’t expect. Worth five stars!

Clare Mackintosh

With over 2 million copies of her books sold worldwide, number one bestseller Clare Mackintosh is the multi-award-winning author of I Let You Go, which was a Sunday Times bestseller and the fastest-selling title by a new crime writer in 2015. It also won the Theakston Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year in 2016. Both Clare’s second and third novels, I See You and Let Me Lie, were number one Sunday Times bestsellers. All three of her thrillers were selected for the Richard & Judy Book Club, and together have been translated into over thirty-five languages. After the End was published in 2019 and became an instant Sunday Times bestseller.

Clare is patron of the Silver Star Society, a charity based at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford, which supports parents experiencing high-risk or difficult pregnancies. She lives in North Wales with her husband and their three children.

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