Now You Know – ARC Book Review

Now You Know: A psychological thriller with a nerve shredding climax by [Nora Valters]

Genre:- Psychological Fiction

Publisher:- Inkubator Books

Date Published:- 6th June 2021

No. of pages:- format 2106 Kb


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Everything I suffer, you will too…

Lauren has worked hard to create her dream life: a perfect fiancé, a great job, and a safe, cosy home.
But then, out of the blue, it all goes horribly wrong and Lauren finds her job is on the line, her fiancé is accusing her of cheating and someone is writing terrible things on her car.
At first, Lauren thinks this is a horrible run of bad luck. But as her life spins out of control in a series of escalating disasters, it begins to dawn on her that these aren’t random events.
She’s under attack. And she’s certain that whoever is doing this won’t stop until they’ve completely destroyed her life.
But she’s wrong – they won’t stop until she’s dead.

Lauren seems to be having a perfect life–with a perfect job, a fiancé she loves so much and everything about her life seems perfect. But then suddenly, her perfect life crashes when someone is out to destroy her. From ruining her presentation on her big day to her computer being hacked and someone writing obscene things in her car, someone is clearly determined to ruin Lauren’s life. Then Lauren loses her fiance, her job and she is determined to find out who is out to destroy her.

Let’s start with the plot–the plot of the story is intriguing. Lauren whose life is perfect seems to have angered someone who is set to take revenge. As a reader, I am curious what Lauren would have done–was it to do with work or something to do with past? Either way, it was engaging and intriguing.

The thriller is fast paced and quick to read that you could actually finish the book really quick. I do like a fast paced thriller so that’s a plus for me. However, I didn’t find much twists and turns that you would normally find in a thriller. The story seems direct, and to me, the suspects are few that you could easily pick out who is the one who is plotting revenge against Lauren. The writing was OK and at times, there were some parts that I found meh.

The characters are OK to me. I could easily understand Lauren’s frustration and her determination to find out who is ruining her nearly perfect life.

Over all, this was a good thriller–fast paced, quick to read and finish. Worth four stars!

Thank you Netgalley and publisher for granting me an ARC of this books. The review is based on my honest opinion only.

If you think this book is appealing and interesting to you, you can pre-order your copies now on Amazon as this will be published on 6th June 2021!

Nora Valters

Nora Valters grew up in the New Forest in the south of England and has lived in London, Manchester, Bournemouth, Oxford and Dubai.

She studied English Literature and Language at Oxford Brookes University before embarking on a career in marketing and copywriting.

Her debut psychological thriller Her Biggest Fan was published in 2020. She’s currently writing her next novel, which will be out soon.

Nora loves to travel and has journeyed around the world. She enjoys exploring new places, painting, hiking, and is an avid reader. She’s also a bit obsessed with dogs…

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