Stolen – ARC Book Review

Stolen: An unputdownable, gripping domestic psychological thriller by [Tess Stimson]

You thought she was safe. You were wrong…

Alex knows her daughter would never wander off in a strange place. So when her three-year-old vanishes from an idyllic beach wedding, Alex immediately believes the worst.

The hunt for Lottie quickly becomes a world-wide search, but it’s not long before suspicion falls on her mother. Why wasn’t she watching Lottie? 

Alex knows she’s not perfect, but she loves her child. And with all eyes on her, Alex fears they’ll never uncover the truth unless she takes matters into her own hands.

Who took Lottie Martini? And will she ever come home?

A totally addictive thriller, with a twist you just won’t see coming. Fans of Lisa Jewell, Louise Candlish and T.M. Logan will be totally gripped from the very first page.

No. of pages :- 438 pages

Date published:- will be published on August 5th 2021

Publisher:- Avon

Genre:- Psychological Thriller


What is every mother’s nightmare will be? When your own child disappears in the middle of the crowd and you have no idea how your child disappeared and then fingers start pointing at you for being an irresponsible mother. That’s what happened to Alex Martini.

The story starts with Alex Martini coming to attend her friend’s Marc’s wedding in Florida with her three year old, Lottie. Then when Alex went on a brief rendezvous with a stranger on the beach, Lottie goes missing. Things become like a circus when the media gets involved, all blaming Alex for being an irresponsible mother, with the whole world getting involved as well. Flash forward two years later, Alex is still dealing with Lottie’s disappearance, not giving up on the search to find her.

The plot at first intrigued and fascinated me and from the beginning to the end I was so hooked into the book. Alex Martini maybe an irresponsible mother but then though I am not a mother, I could feel her emotions and feelings at her daughter’s disappearance, as she has no idea what really happened to her beloved daughter and where in the world her daughter is and at the same time, dealing with personal issues at home. The story feels realistic as if this had happened in real life and I really like how the author managed to draw the reader into the story. So many viable suspects that you have no idea who could have kidnapped Lottie. Twists and turns in each chapter that will make you confused and the story is fast paced as well, which is a plus sign for a good psychological thriller. The ending was so unexpected that I actually see the ending coming, but nonetheless the whole story left me breathless, yearning me to want more and I didn’ t put the book down as I want to know, what really happened to Lottie.

Overall, this is a fast paced thriller packed with actions, twists and turns that will keep you hooked from the beginning to the end! Worth five stars!

Many thanks to Netgalley and Avon for the ARC. The review is based on my honest opinion.

Tess Stimson

Tess Stimson is the author of thirteen novels, including top ten bestseller The Adultery Club, and two non-fiction books, which between them have been translated into dozens of languages.
A former British journalist and reporter, Stimson was appointed Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Florida in 2002 and moved to the US. She now lives and works in Vermont with her husband Erik, their three children, and (at the last count) two cats, three fish, one gerbil and a large number of bats in the attic.
For more information, visit or follow Tess on Twitter and Facebook.

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