Something’s Guava Give – ARC Book Review

Something's Guava Give: A Tropical Island Cozy Mystery (Trouble in Paradise! Book 2) by [Carrie Doyle]

Title:- Something’s Guava Give

Author:- Carrie Doyle

Publisher:- Poisoned Pen Press

Date published:- will be published on January 25th 2022

Genre:- Cozy Mystery


Nothing ruins an ocean view like a body on the beach!

Plum Lockhart went out on a limb when she ditched her corporate job in New York City and moved to the Caribbean island of Paraiso. Now the head of her own villa broker agency, Plum spends her days chasing down clients and lounging on white sand beaches.

But the sweet life turns sour when a publishing heiress is found dead at the mansion of an eccentric tycoon, Dieter Friedrich. Even worse, Plum’s old colleague cashes in a favor and asks her to investigate. It looks like she’ll need to fit a murder case into her already jam-packed schedule!

Friedrich is known for his shady dealings, but he’s not the only bad apple on the island—Plum will have to contend with a scheming millionaire, a sleazy rockstar, and devious B-list celebrities. And joining Plum once again is Juan Kevin Munoz, the distractingly gorgeous Director of Security. Despite the sparks between them, they’ll need to stay focused on the case—there’s a murderer hot on their heels!

Plum Lockhart is back with another adventure up in the paradise island!

Something’s Guava Give is the second book of the Trouble in Paradise and the third book I have read from the author. Having read It Takes Two to Mango, the first of the Trouble in Paradise series, I was determined to follow Plum Lockhart’s adventure.

When Plum’s frenemy Gabriel calls her that his boss’s daughter, Arielle is in the paradise island, she was asked to look after Arielle. Arielle is a snobby, kleptomaniac who only thinks about herself. While partying at the country’s German billionaire’s house, Arielle is found dead and the police say it’s murder.

Plum along with Juan and of course Gabriel who arrives to the island must get together to find the killer and they are in the crowd of billionaires, B-list celebrities with shady dealings.

Like the first book, I was hooked into the story and I couldn’t wait to see what is going to happen in the end. As usual, besides all the mystery and thrill of solving the murder, there were some funny parts in the story that will make you laugh out loud like crazy and the bickering between Plum and Gabriel was too funny to read. Nevertheless, the author has done a good job of drawing the reader into the story and yeah, I was immediately hooked and couldn’t put the book down!

That being said, I hope there’s a third book of the series and can’t wait to see the budding romance between Plum and Juan!

In the first book, I did’t like Plum Lockhart much as I did in this book. Here I found Plum a likable character.

If you like a funny mystery set in a tropical island then this book is one for you–worth five stars!

Many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC. The review is based on my honest opinion only.

Carrie Doyle is the best selling author of multiple novels and screenplays that span many genres, ranging from cozy mysteries to chick lit to comedies to Young Adult.

A born and bred New Yorker, Carrie has spent most of her life in Manhattan, with the exception of a six-year stint in Europe (Russia; France; England) and five years in Los Angeles. A former Editor-in-Chief of the Russian edition of Marie Claire, Carrie has written dozens of articles for various magazines, including countless celebrity profiles. She is also a screenwriter, and her movie Intern (co-written with Jill Kargman) premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Carrie has three books that will be published in 2021: Death on Bull Path (the fourth book of the Hamptons Murder Mystery Series); The Murder Game; and It Takes Two to Mango (the first book of the Trouble in Paradise Series.)

Carrie currently splits her time between New York and Long Island, with her husband and two teenage sons

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