Five Days Missing – ARC Book Review

Five Days Missing: The new 2022 addictive and gripping psychological thriller with a shocking twist by [Caroline Corcoran]

Title:- Five Days Missing

Author:- Caroline Corcoran

Publisher:- Avon

Date published:- will be published on February 17th 2022

No. of pages:- 360 pages

Genre:- Psychological Thriller

Rating:- 3/5 stars

Having a baby is all about firsts. The first touch. The first kiss. The first cuddle. They mark a lifetime of firsts – including the first goodbye.

When Romilly says goodbye to her new baby daughter, abandoning her at the hospital hours after giving birth, no one can understand why she would leave – and where she has gone.

In those first few hours she had been the image of a doting mother and would have done anything to protect her baby.
Something has clearly gone wrong. Could it be that Romilly is suffering from postpartum psychosis, just as her mother did?

Or is something even worse at hand? A danger so grave that she would leave her longed-for daughter to escape it…

A twisty, emotional tale of dark pasts and even darker secrets – perfect for fans of Adele Parks and Heidi Perks.

OK, I found the plot of the story really interesting. A woman, who after giving birth, leaves behind the baby and goes missing. The husband, Marc, the best friend and Romilly’s family members are worried about her. The story tells in a span of five days and what happened afterwards.

I do like the plot of the story, but I found the first part of the story slightly boring. The tension in the story starts developing in the middle of the book and soon, it actually piqued my interest in the book. The writing was good but then I didn’t find much of twists and turns you would normally expect in a thriller. The story is told from the perspectives of The Husband, Marc, The Best friend and finally the Woman, who is Romilly herself. So as a reader, it was interesting to get into the heads of these characters and see what each of the characters think. Then as a reader, you doubt if the woman, Romilly just ran away because she is suffering from depression or running away from her own husband.

Overall, this is an OK thriller–not much twists and turns, not a fast paced thriller but it was good. Worth 3 stars.

Many thanks to Netgalley and Avon for the ARC. The review is based on my honest opinion only.

Caroline Corcoran is an author whose first novel, Through The Wall, came out in October 2019. It was a Sunday Times Bestseller and translated into numerous foreign languages.

Her second book, The Baby Group, was released in September 2020.

As well as writing books, Caroline is a freelance lifestyle and popular culture journalist who has written and edited for most of the top magazines, newspapers and websites in the UK.

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