The Body on the Moor – ARC Book Review

The Body on the Moor: A completely unputdownable mystery thriller inspired by a true crime by [Rebecca Griffiths]

Title:- The Body on the Moor

Author:- Rebecca Griffiths

No. of pages:- 361 pages

Date published:- will be published on 24th February 2022

Publisher:- Bookouture

Genre:- Thriller

Rating:- 3/5 stars

A totally gripping mystery thriller inspired by a true story: an innocent young girl holds the key to unlocking a long-buried crime. Perfect for fans of Gregg Olsen, Catherine Ryan Howard and I’ll Be Gone in the Dark. Pulse-pounding, heart-wrenching and unforgettable.

Manchester, England 1965: Little Kathy Openshaw is waiting in the car with only her toy doll for company. Whilst her mother Connie visits close friends Myra and Ian, Kathy gazes out at the surrounding moorland and dreams of a happier life.

But when Connie returns to the car, Kathy has vanished. Instantly she thinks of the news reports of the children who have gone missing from the area. Parents everywhere are worried sick. Connie is struck with terror: what kind of mother leaves their child alone when a kidnapper is on the loose?

Black Fell Farm, Saddleworth Moor: no one has visited Ronald’s farm in decades. But when a young couple start acting suspiciously on his land and a mysterious visitor arrives on his doorstep, Ronald feels instantly threatened. He doesn’t want any unwanted attention directed towards his farm.

For on the wild and desolate moorland, Ronald has buried his own dark crime for years and if his secret is ever exposed, it will be more than just his life at stake…

Completely addictive and inspired by the true crime story of the Moors murders, this stunning mystery will keep you reading long into the night.

The title and the plot was intriguing to me and so I requested this book through the Netgalley.

The story is set during the 1965 when Kathy Oppenshaw was in the car playing with the doll while her mother Connie was visiting friends. When she returned back to the car, her daughter, Kathy is missing. Connie had heard of the kidnapping of young children in the area and blames herself for leaving her daughter behind. Meanwhile, Ronald returns back to the moorland where a couple start acting suspiciously. Ronald do not want anyone to be near the moor as he had buried the secret many years ago.

This was a good thriller though not very fast paced and not much of twists and turns you would usually expect in a thriller. However, I do like the 1965 setting, slightly different from the normal thrillers that I usually based which is based on the present day. But anyway, it was enjoyable, the author’s writing style was good and the ending was really good.

Overall, this is a good thriller and worth three stars!

Many thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for the ARC. The review is based on my honest opinion only.

Rebecca Griffiths grew up in west-Wales and went on to gain a first class honours degree in English literature. After a successful business career in London, Dublin and Scotland, she returned to rural west-Wales where she now lives with her husband, a prolific artist, their four black cats and two pet sheep the size of sofas and writes full-time.

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