The Baby Shower – ARC Book Review

The Baby Shower: A totally unputdownable psychological thriller with a jaw-dropping twist by [S.E. Lynes]

Title:- The Baby Shower

Author:- S.E. Lynes

Date published:- will be published on 1st March 2022

Publisher:- Bookouture

No. of pages:- 360 pages

Gnere:- Psychological Thriller


She doesn’t know I’m there, watching her in the mirror. She slides her hand under her blouse. And then I see something impossible. She isn’t pregnant…

She bursts into my life like a storm, and nothing is the same again. She seems so perfect, with her lilting laugh and her beautiful face. One by one, I watch as my friends fall under her spell.

Only I seem to suspect something. Only I see that her smiles don’t reach her cold, furious eyes. And when I’m accused of things I didn’t do, when my home is vandalized, I know she’s behind it. But she only lets her mask slip when no one is looking, so if I say anything, I’ll look crazy.

So when the baby shower comes around I’m there, sitting on a velvet sofa in a posh hotel room, surrounded by balloons. We share gifts, we pour small glasses of champagne, and she beams, her bump just visible under her bright red shirt.

But that afternoon, I finally learn the unbelievable truth.

There is no baby…

This was actually really good!

Jane and Sophie had been friends…until Lexie comes along. Lexie changes Jane’s life drastically so much that she loses her only friend Sophie to her, who has fallen into her spell. Lexie somehow makes Jane’s life miserable, for no reason. Then both Sophie and Lexie gets pregnant and Lexie hosts a baby shower at her expense. By chance, Jane sneaks into Lexie in the bathroom…and finds that she wasn’t pregnant and has been faking it…

Initially, it started out a little slow but gradually, it started gaining its momentum. The story is told from Jane’s perspective mostly and also Frankie, Jane’s boyfriend, who falls into a woman named Natasha’s charm. Towards the middle of the book, with the start of the baby shower–things start getting interesting with Jane finding out that Lexie is faking her pregnancy. Jane being a loyal friend tells Sophie who dismisses her and the two friends stop talking. It was really intense what with Jane finding out about Frankie and soon, the ending got really interesting. I kind of predicted the ending but nonetheless, I was hooked into the book from start to finish! The author did a good job of drawing the reader into the story. I started liking Jane as in my opinion, she is a strong and courageous woman. I was glad “SPOILER ALERT” that she and Sophie did not continue being friends .

This is quiet an unputdownable thriller that will keep you up all night–worth four stars!

Many thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for the ARC. The review is based on my honest opinion only.

Hello and welcome to my Amazon author page – thank you for your interest in me and my books! My official author biography is below…

S.E. Lynes is the Amazon #1 best selling author of THE HOUSEWARMING, VALENTINA, MOTHER, THE PACT, THE PROPOSAL, THE WOMEN, THE LIES WE HIDE, CAN YOU SEE HER? HER SISTER’s SECRET and her latest, THE BABY SHOWER, out on preorder NOW for publication March 1st.

A former BBC Producer, she has lived in France, Spain, Scotland and Italy and is now settled in Greater London. After completing her MA, S E Lynes taught creative writing at Richmond Adult Community College for ten years. She now combines writing, mentoring and lecturing in Richmond Borough.

Lynes has also published three children’s books in Italy: IL LEOPARDO LAMPO, LA COCCODRILLA INGAMBA, and the bilingual LA SCIMMIA SPIRITOSA/THE FUNNY MONKEY, all available at

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