The Resistance Girl – ARC Book Review

Title:- The Resistance Girl

Author:- Mandy Robotham

No. of pages:- 412 pages

Date published:- will be published on 31st March 2022

Publisher:- Avon

Genre:- Historical Fiction


Rumi Orlstad is grieving and incensed. Livid.
‘They will pay!’ she howls into the twisting gusts. ‘BE SURE, MAGNUS – I WILL MAKE THEM PAY!’

Norway, 1942. War rages, and, under cover of darkness, Rumi Orlstad and her fellow resistance fighters smuggle British agents, fugitives and supplies across the North Sea into Nazi-occupied territory.

One night, when he braves a storm to complete an ill-fated mission, Rumi’s fiancé is lost to the dangerous waters. Broken-hearted, she withdraws from the clandestine group, vowing never to let her loved ones put themselves in the line of fire again.

But months later, Rumi stumbles across a Nazi secret that lays Hitler’s plans for Norway bare, and she knows she has no choice but to risk her life for her country once more.

She has lost everything to the Nazis. But now she fights back…

Mandy Robotham’s books are based on historical fiction, usually set during the Nazi period, except one book. This latest book, The Resistance Girl is set in Nordic region this time, in Norway about a brave and courageous girl named Rumi who fought against the Nazis and saving her friend, Anya and British fugitives and allies from the Nazis. Rumi lost her husband but she would do anything to oppose the Nazi regime.

Like all Mandy Robotham’s books, her books are always centered on the female protagonists who are brave, courageous and would do anything to risk their own lives. Rumi is such person and would do anything to her country, as loyal as she is and could be labeled as one of the true heroines of WWII. The story is set in 1942 when Norway fell under the Nazi regime. For all this time, I was reading books about Nazi regime based in Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Germany and Italy so this book based in Norway during WWII is completely new to me. The author must have done tremendous research on the lifestyle in the seas near Norway. I was immediately drawn into the story as the author has done a good job of making Rumi stand out in the story.

Overall, this book will make you hook into the story and is an unputdownable emotional historical fiction that will keep you up all night–worth five stars!

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