The Devil’s Playground – ARC Book Review

Title – The Devil’s Playground

Author:- Charly Cox

No. of pages:- 343 pages

Date published:- will be published on 13th April 2022

Publisher:- Hera Books

Genre:- Thriller


From behind her came a noise, and she whirled around. Two pairs of cold, murderous eyes stared back at her from beneath hooded cloaks. She stood cemented in place, even as her brain screamed at her to run…

It’s their usual Thursday girls’ night in, and best friends Skye, Elena, and London are enjoying hanging out at Skye’s house in New Mexico, eating junk food, drinking wine, and playing with Skye’s little children, Carter and Abigail.

Until the intruders arrive.

Hearing the horrific screams from Elena and Skye, London hides the children, tiptoes out to see what has happened… and disappears.

After Carter raises the alarm, Detective Alyssa Wyatt is called in to investigate a bloodbath that appears to have no motive, no evidence, and worse still – no sign of London.

As Alyssa and her team dig deeper, the truth is always out of their reach… but what is clear is that they need to find London, and fast.

And as they uncover a link between the murders and a sinister local cult, can Alyssa find the young woman who has vanished without a trace – before London joins the list of victims?

Meet Detective Alyssa Wyatt. Mom, Wife… and a serial killer’s worst nightmare.

An utterly addictive, dark and twisty detective novel with a twist that will leave you gasping. If you’re a fan of Kendra Elliot, Lisa Regan or Angela Marsons, you’ll fall in love with Charly Cox’s stunning detective series.

Detective Alyssa Wyatt is back with another adventure!!!

Skye, Elena and London are having their girls night out on Thursdays. But their usual girls night out is interrupted when two intruders enter and brutally kills Skye and Elena and kidnaps London. The only survivors of the torment were Skye’s children, Carter and Abigail who witnessed the entire scene. Detective Alyssa Wyatt and her partner Detective Cord were set to investigate the case and they find more disturbing things about the murder cases, including a Satanic cult involved in the case.

From start to finish, I was literally hooked into the story. The story was fast paced filled with twists and turns that you wouldn’t expect. I was on the edge of the seat as I was reading this book and the author has done a good job of drawing the reader into the story. The torture scene the ordeal London the third victim was going through was actually disturbing to read but nonetheless and in a disturbing sense, that’s what made the story more interesting!!! I was anyway glad that London got saved in the end and that the perpetrators were caught, although I didn’t expect those particular characters were the perpetrators.

In all, if you love an unputdownable, twisty thriller that will keep you on the edge, then this book is one for you. Do you have to read from the first? Suggestable but you can choose not to. Worth five stars!

Many thanks to Netgalley and Hera Books for the ARC. The review is based on my honest opinion only.

Born in the South, raised in the Midwest, Charly now resides in the Southwest in the Land of Enchantment, Green Chile capital of the world, which is good because she enjoys eating copious amounts of the spicy food. When she’s not reading, writing, or plotting sinister evils with her antagonists, she enjoys doing jigsaw and crossword puzzles, hanging out with her husband and her spoiled Siberian Husky, visiting her son in Arizona, and traveling, preferably to places surrounded by sun, sand, and warm uncrowded beaches.

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