214 Palmer Street – ARC Book Review

Title:- 214 Palmer Street

Author:- Karen McQuestion

No. of pages:- 277 pages

Date published:- will be published on 6th April 2022

Publisher:- Bookouture

Genre:- Psychological Thriller

Rating:- 2.5/5 stars

A house with a secret. A woman with nothing to lose.

When Maggie sees the beautiful Venetian blinds moving in the Caldwells’ front window, she freezes. Her favorite neighbours Cady and Josh are away, so who is in their house?

The pretty young woman who answers the door tells a convincing story. She’s Sarah. The house-sitter. Just here for a month. An old friend of Cady’s who needed a place to stay. She’s pleasant and warm, and Maggie wanders back to her house thinking she might have made a new friend. Yet she can’t help but wonder why Cady never mentioned Sarah.

What Maggie doesn’t know is that on the other side of the door, Sarah is starting to panic. No one was meant to see her at 214 Palmer Street…

An unputdownable psychological thriller from number one bestseller Karen McQuestion, which will make you question what secrets your own neighbors are hiding… For fans of The Girl on the Train, The Woman in the Window and Gone Girl.

The plot line sounded interesting…but the story as a whole was not really appealing to me.

Maggie is a neighbor living across from one of her favorite neighbor’s house. But when she sees someone in the house, she couldn’t believe it as the neighbors had gone for a vacation. When she approaches towards her, the woman is introduced as Sarah and told Maggie that she was housesitting for the family. Maggie believes her…but Sarah panics as no one was supposed to see her…

Initially, this started as a slow burn to me. It was boring and not very fast paced like you would normally expect in a thriller. In the middle of the book however it got a little interesting. The ending was predictable and not much of twists and turns you normally would expect in a thriller. Overall, in my opinion it wasn’t really a good thriller that will keep you on the edge. Worth two and a half stars.

Many thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for the ARC. The review is based on my honest opinion only.

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Karen McQuestion is an Amazon Charts bestselling author who’s written more than twenty novels and has sold over two million books worldwide. She’s also the co-host, (along with USA Today bestselling author Tess Thompson), of the popular podcast, BEHIND THE BOOK.

Her publishing story has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, and NPR and she has appeared on ABC’s World News Now and America This Morning. McQuestion’s books share common themes of connection and kindness. She lives in Hartland, Wisconsin.

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  1. Sam,

    I see that you are not reviewing new submissions until April. That is fine, please take your time. I’m releasing my next thriller novel on lucky April 13th, The Hills Be Shaken. I’d be honored if you’d consider reading an advanced copy and leaving a review after the book launches.

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    For a full description, click on the Amazon link:

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    Best, Michael Stewart
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