The Prison Child (Last Word Series Book 2) – ARC Book Review

Title:- The Prison Child

Author:- Shari J Ryan

Date published:- will be published on May 24th 2022

Publisher:- Bookouture

Genre:- Historical Fiction

No. of pages:- 296 pahes


How will we get by the guards? It seems impossible. Yet we will be dead by the end of the week if we don’tmy precious girl and I have nothing to lose by trying.

Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia, 1943: In Theresienstadt concentration camp, a brown-eyed baby girl is born in darkness, surrounded by barbed wire. The innocent new-born has no hope of surviving—unless, by some kind of miracle, she is able to escape…

In New York, over a decade later, Annie listens to her mother and father’s urgent whispers on her twelfth birthday. “They’re going to find out that she doesn’t belong to us. She’ll be taken away.”

The little girl’s world crumbles. That day, her search for answers begins…

Everything in Annie’s life is a lie. As she grows older, she pieces together the fragments of her past. With a broken heart, she uncovers a story of bravery in the face of evil, hope amongst darkness, and forbidden love—the kind of love that takes immense courage.

Will the secret of who she really is come to light? And can she ever be reunited with her birth family—if they’re even alive?

This is the book 2 of the Last Word series.

Warning:- It is better if you read the book 1 The Girl with the Diary before you start to read this book.

The story starts with Annie, who is determined to find out the truth about her real identity–from the book 1, we know her name is Lucie and she was born in a concentration camp. But Annie knew that she was different and vowed to find the truth abotu her biological family. The story changes back and forth to the present day and the time when Annie was in her younger days and how she was able to find her real family and at the same time overcoming emotions and hearbreaks.

Just like book 1, this was such a heartbreaking tale. It was truly emotional too and there were some parts in the story that will make you cry. This time, the story is told from Annie’s perspective–from the time she was born, to her childhood days in New York, to her college days when she went to Prague to find answers and meet the love of her life Fisher and to the present. The author has done tremendous research and history and made the story as realistic as possible and at the same time, done a good job of captivating readers like I am. I actually really enjoyed reading Annie’s version of the story.

Now, I can’t wait to start reading the Book 3, the final book of the Last Words series to read Charlie’s version!

Worth five stars!

Many thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for the ARC. The review is based on my honest opinion only.

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