9 books to celebrate Asian-American / Pacific Islander month

According to Goodreads, in the US, May is month of Asian American and Pacific Islander day. So since I have read many Asian American authors, I decided to compile a list of books I have read that match the category

  1. Adobo and Arsenic – Mia P Manasala

Currently I am reading the second book of the Tita Rosie series, Homicide and Halo-Halo

2. Dial A For Aunties and Four Aunties and a Wedding – Jesse Sutanto

3. Peach Blossom Spring – Melissa Fu

4. Tokyo Ever After – Emiko Jean

5. XOXO – Axie Oh

6. Daughter of the Moon Goddess – Sue Lynn Tan (in my TBR list)

7. Seeking Fortune Elsewhere – Sindya Bhanoo (in TBR list)

8. If Pawan Has Something to Prove – Jasmeen Kaur Deo

9. My Sweet Girl – Amanda Jayatissa

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