The Boyfriend – ARC Book Review

Title:- The Boyfriend

Author:- Kerry Wilkinson

No. of pages:- 334 pages

Date published:- will be published on June 16th 2022

Publisher:- Bookouture

Genre:- Psychological Thriller


Plot 4/5

Writing:- 4/5

Overall:- 4/5

He went missing when you were sixteen. Was it all your fault?

Trembling with shock, Jodie picks up the old T-shirt. She hasn’t seen it for twenty years. Her boyfriend had been wearing it – her Ben – the day he went missing. The last time anyone saw him alive.

After her dad’s funeral, all Jodie wants is to clear out her childhood home as quickly as possible and get back to life with her son. But a terrifying discovery changes everything she knew about her kind, loving father.

Her boyfriend Ben went missing when they were just teenagers. His parents still stare out the window desperately waiting for him to come home. So how did the T-shirt he was wearing when Jodie saw him walk away from their last date end up in her father’s attic?

The search for answers leads Jodie to an old family friend who knows all her father’s secrets. She can’t shake his questions about her older brother, and the real reason their dad left everything to Jodie, not him. But when a stranger begins to follow her around their little town, and a deadly fire breaks out in her home, it’s clear someone will do anything to stop Jodie finding the truth about Ben’s disappearance. Has Jodie unknowingly put her own son in terrible danger?

Jodie’s boyfriend Ben went missing when Jodie was sixteen years old. But while cleaning out her father’s attic, Jodie finds the old T-shirt that belonged to Ben. Did her father do something to Ben?

This book was a bit slow burn but soon it got interested by the middle of the book. There were some twists and turns along the well that will leave the reader intrigued and put the reader at the edge of the seat. The quest to find the truth with Jodie discovering more about her father’s secrets was a nail biting twist. The plot was interesting and by the middle of the book, it became unputdownable. The ending was what was unexpected but at the same time it was a bit sad as well. The characters in this book seemed to be secretive and mysterious which actually made this book more interesting and intriguing as well. Nonetheless, this was the first book I have read from this author and I will look forward to read more books from this author.

If you like a slow burn thriller, then this one is for you–worth four stars.

Many thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for the ARC. The review is based on my honest opinion only.

Kerry Wilkinson has sold two million books – and had No.1 crime bestsellers in the UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa and Singapore. He has also written two top-20 thrillers in the United States. His book, Ten Birthdays, won the RNA award for Young Adult Novel of the Year in 2018 and Close To You won the International Thriller Award for best ebook in 2020.

As well as his Jessica Daniel series, Kerry has written the Silver Blackthorn trilogy – a fantasy-adventure serial for young adults – a second crime series featuring private investigator Andrew Hunter, plus numerous standalone novels. He has been published around the world in more than a dozen languages.

Originally from the county of Somerset, Kerry spent way too long living in the north of England, picking up words like ‘barm’ and ‘ginnel’.

When he’s short of ideas, he rides his bike, hikes up something, or bakes cakes. When he’s not, he writes it all down

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