Blood Sugar – Book Review

Title;- Blood Sugar

Author:- Sascha Rothchild

Date published:- April 19th 2022

No. of pages:- 336 pages

Genre:- Psychological Thriller


Plot:- 5/5

Writing:- 5/5

Overall:- 5/5

An utterly delicious debut thriller that tells the story of the most likable murderess you will ever meet, perfect for fans of Riley Sager and Jessica Knoll.

“I could just kill you right now!” It’s something we’ve all thought at one time or another. But Ruby has actually acted on it. Three times, to be exact.

Though she may be a murderer, Ruby is not a sociopath. She is an animal-loving therapist with a thriving practice. She’s felt empathy and sympathy. She’s had long-lasting friendships and relationships, and has a husband, Jason, whom she adores. But the homicide detectives at Miami Beach PD are not convinced of her happy marriage. When we meet Ruby, she is in a police interrogation room, being accused of Jason’s murder. Which, ironically, is one murder that she did not commit, though her vicious mother-in-law and a scandal-obsessed public believe differently. As she undergoes questioning, Ruby’s mind races back to all the details of her life that led her to this exact moment, and to the three dead bodies in her wake. Because though she may not have killed her husband, Ruby certainly isn’t innocent.

Alternating between Ruby’s memories of her past crimes and her present-day fight to clear her name, Blood Sugar is a twisty, clever debut with an unforgettable protagonist who you can’t help but root for—an addicting mixture of sour and sweet.

This was actually a great debut book where you will meet your favorite murderess, Ruby who is a psychiatrist was suddenly questioned by Detective Jackson on four murders that she committed, including her husband Jason. But there is one problem. Ruby is only guilty of three murders but she did not kill her husband. Who did?

The story shifts between back and forth, from past to present, the present where Ruby was questioned by the detective and the past where she committed

the three murders and how she met her husband and her life in general. The writing was really great and the author did a good job of drawing the reader into the story and I actually enjoyed reading this book. Jason is a diabetic and so are Ruby’s pets, Mr. Cat and Kangaroo hence the title ‘Blood Sugar’. This was also fast paced and engrossing thriller and you actually enjoyed reading more about Ruby! I actually cannot believe that this was author’s debut book and so I cannot wait to read more books from this author!

Worth five stars!

Sascha Rothchild grew up in South Beach and excelled in school although not at the expense of causing trouble. Her defiant teen years are infamously portrayed on the national radio show This American Life.
After majoring in playwriting at Boston College and graduating summa cum laude, Sascha moved to Los Angeles to begin her television writing career. She broke into the tv and film business when her humorous personal essays published in LA Weekly got the attention of movie studios. Her article How To Get Divorced By 30 was optioned by Universal Studios and she was given a book deal by Penguin. She was then hired to write the feature for the studio, putting her on the Hollywood map, and her memoir How To Get Divorced by 30 garnered lots of buzz. She then went on to also sell feature films to Dreamworks, Sony, Paramount, Disney and Fox.
She shifted her attention to television, her original goal, and sold a comedy pilot to NBC. She was also staffed as a writer and Consulting Producer on The CW show The Carrie Diaries. Sascha has since developed original TV pilots for Freeform, ABC, The CW, HBO and Netflix. She was named one of ten “writers to watch” by Variety in 2014.
For the past three years she has been writing and co-executive producing the Emmy nominated Netflix series GLOW as well as writing and producing the Netflix show Huge In France. She also wrote and co-executive produced the fourth season of the lauded Freeform/Hulu show The Bold Type and is currently an Executive Producer and writer on the hit Netflix series, The Babysitters Club. Sascha continues to also write personal essays, the most recent was published by Elle Magazine.
Sascha is thrilled to announce that her debut novel, Blood Sugar, is being published by Putnam in the Spring of 2022.

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