The Guest House – ARC Book Review

Title:- The Guest House

Author:- Robin Morgan – Bentley

Date published:- will be published on September 13th 2022

No. of pages:- 343 pages

Genre:- Psychological Thriller


Plot:- 4/5

Writing:- 4/5

Overall rating:- 4/5


Jamie and Victoria are expecting their first baby.

With a few weeks to go, they head off for a final weekend break in a remote part of the North Pennines. The small and peaceful guesthouse is the ideal location to unwind together before becoming parents. Upon arrival, they are greeted by Barry and Fiona, the older couple who run the guesthouse. They cook them dinner and show them to their room before retreating to bed themselves.

The next morning, Jamie and Victoria wake to find the house deserted. Barry and Fiona are nowhere to be seen. All the doors are locked. Both their mobile phones and car keys have disappeared. Even though it’s a few weeks early, Victoria knows the contractions are starting.

The baby is coming, and there’s no way out.

Robin Morgan-Bentley was born and grew up in London. After studying Modern and Medieval Languages at Cambridge University, he went on to work for Google before moving to Audible, where he has been working since 2014.

His debut thriller, The Wreckage, was nominated for the CWA Dagger John Creasey New Blood Award, the CrimeFest Specsavers Debut Crime Award and Capital Crime’s Debut Book of the Year Award.

Robin lives in Buckinghamshire with his husband and son.

Jamie and Victoria are expecting their first baby. They go to a small guest house located in a small village and befriends an elderly couple who runs the guest house, Barry and Fiona. But on the night, Victoria gets contractions and as Jamie is trying to take Victoria to the hospital, they find that the guest house is locked. Barry and Fiona are nowhere to be found and all their car keys and phones are nowhere in sight. Now the baby is coming and there’s no way out.

This was actually a gripping psychological thriller. The first part of the book was OK and the story divides between the past when the events inside the guest house is taking place to the present where Jamie and Victoria are trying to get on with their lives with Jamie trying to find ways to get back his son. There were some couple of twists and turns along the way many of them were unexpected and there were different POV’s–mostly Jamie’s and Victoria’s perspectives. The ending was a complete unexpected ending and overall in this book, I felt like I was watching an interesting thriller book that is going to put me on the edge of my seat. There were some parts, particularly the first few chapters were slightly boring but it got more interesting towards the middle of the book.

If you like a dark thriller with a little family drama in it, then this one is for you–worth four stars!

Many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC. The review is based on my honest opinion only.

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