One Of The Girls – Book Review

Title:- One Of The Girls

Author:- Lucy Clarke

Date published:- June 28th 2022

Genre:- Psychological Thriller

No. of pages:- 384 pages


Plot:- 4/5

Writing:- 4/5

Overall rating:- 4/5

The latest twisty psychological thriller from internationally-bestselling author Lucy Clarke, One of the Girls is the delicious story of a bachelorette trip on a stunning Greek island… that ends in murder.It was supposed to be the perfect weekend away. Six very different women travel to a sun-soaked Greek island for a bachelorette trip, to celebrate Lexi’s upcoming wedding. From the glorious ocean views to the quaint tavernas and whitewashed streets, the vacation seems too good to be true. But dangerous undercurrents run beneath the sunset swims and midnight cocktails – because each of the women is hiding a secret. Someone is determined to make sure that Lexi’s marriage never happens – and that one of them doesn’t leave the island alive.Gripping, twisty, and full of sun-soaked suspense, this timely thriller examines the joys of female friendship…as well as the deadly consequences when a relationship goes wrong.

Sunday Times bestseller, Lucy Clarke, writes from a beach hut, using the inspiration from the wild south coast to craft her stories. Her debut novel, THE SEA SISTERS, was a Richard & Judy Book Club pick, and she has since published A SINGLE BREATH, THE BLUE/NO ESCAPE, LAST SEEN, YOU LET ME IN, and THE CASTAWAYS, which was a Waterstones Thriller of the Month. Lucy’s seventh novel, ONE OF THE GIRLS, is ‘an electric, sun-soaked thriller’, released in May 2022.

Lucy’s books are published in twenty territories. THE BLUE, is currently being filmed for a major international TV series for Paramount+ and will be on screens in 2023.

Lucy is a passionate traveller and fresh air enthusiast. She’s married to a professional windsurfer and, together with their two children, they spend their winters travelling and their summers at home by the sea.

So after reading The Castaway which actually took nearly my breath, I was excited for her new novel, One Of the Girls.

A group of friends get together in a villa in Greece to celebrate the hen weekend. But during their stay, secrets are revealed and then suddenly someone dies.

The story is mainly told from all the girls present in the villa perspective–Lexi, Bella, Fen, Robyn, Eleanor and Ana. Lexi and Bella are friends, Robyn is also friends with Lexi and Bella. Ana and Lexi have met each other at a yoga class and Eleanor is Lexi’s future sister-in-law. There was also someone else in the background who is plotting to do something. However, the more I read the book, the more I find that this is more a girl drama than a simple thriller. I did enjoy reading the book but it wasn’t enjoyable as I did with The Castaway. Personally, I wished there were not much POVs and except for Lexi and Bella, I didn’t find the other characters much fun. However, what I actually enjoyed about this novel is the setting–set in a scenic view of the Greek island overlooking the sea and the descriptions of the villa and the sceneries made me imagine that I was also celebrating the Hen weekend with the characters.

So if you like a thriller based in a mythical island with secrets, then this thriller is one for you. Worth four stars–mainly due to the writing more than the plot.

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