The Girlfriend – ARC Book Review

Title;- The Girlfriend

Author:- K.L. Slater

Date published:- will be published on October 27th 2022

No. of pages:- 203 pages

Genre:- Psychological Thriller


Plot:- 5/5

Writing:- 4/5

Overall rating:- 4.5/5

My husband’s dead. She’s at my door. She owns my home…

When the doorbell rings, just days after my beloved husband’s sudden death, I don’t recognise the woman on our doorstep, with buttery blonde highlights and a diamond bracelet identical to my own.

My world implodes when she tells me that she is my husband’s girlfriend, that the baby in her arms is his son, and that she owns our cherished family home.

But she doesn’t want to throw me and my children out on the street. She says she’s no monster, that she wants her baby to grow up with brothers and sisters. With no family, no money and no home, I have no choice but to accept her offer.

Now her food is in my fridge and her beautiful clothes are in the wardrobe in our master bedroom, yet as she helps me with chores and plays games with my little daughter, there’s a part of me that’s glad I’m not on my own. And as we sip wine at the kitchen table, I wonder if we could even become friends…

But when I find a phone hidden in her underwear drawer, I discover her terrible secret. Could she have had a hand in my husband’s death? And what exactly does she want from me?

This is such a gripping, unputdownable thriller that will put you on the edge from start to finish!

Jennifer and Cole seemed to be married happily until Jennifer receives the news that her husband Cole had died in a car accident. After his death, a woman named Sara enters into her life, claiming that she had an affair with Cole and her son Rory is Cole’s son. Not only that, she also tells Jennifer that the house now belonged to her and that Jennifer and her two children Miller and Sylvie might have to leave…but as soon as Sara settles down in the house, Jennifer soon starts suspecting Sara and Miller too starts behaving strange after Sara and Rory moves into the house. Meanwhile, the police discover that Cole was murdered by the blunt trauma on the head and not from the accident.

This was about the fifth book I have read from this author and I have too say, I wasn’t disappointed! The story is told mainly from Jennifer’s POV as well as Sara’s POV and from start to finish, it was gripping with twists and turns along the way. The ending was completely unexpected ending. Jennifer and Sara relationship seemed to derail as Sara moves into the house as Sara accuses Miller of hurting Rory. Overall, I was literally hooked into the story and this book has all the traits of a good psychological thriller–gripping, unputdownable, fast-paced with twists and turns. Overall, this book worth five stars!

Many thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for the ARC. The review is based on my honest opinion only.

Kim is the number one bestselling author of sixteen psychological crime thrillers. She has sold over two million copies of her books worldwide. She has also written four Carnegie-nominated Young Adult novels as Kim Slater for Macmillan Children’s Books. Kim has an MA in Creative Writing and lives with her husband in a small Nottinghamshire village.

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