What We Never Say – ARC Book Review

Title:- What We Never Say

Author:- Paulette Stour

Date published:- will be published on 1st November


Plot:- 3/5

Writing:- 3/5

Overall rating:- 3/5


After a lifetime of lacking confidence at work and in life, Rebecca has finally found her voice. Her blog for women is gaining traction, even getting noticed by the world’s top fashion magazine. When they request an article, Rebecca is beyond thrilled. So why is her boyfriend Kyle so concerned?

Kyle has a blank spot in his past he won’t share—not even with Rebecca. But his secret is blown when a powerful woman from Kyle’s fashion past, becomes desperate to get his attention. It’s attention he never wanted and has been trying to forget for eleven years.

As Kyle takes steps to heal, Rebecca’s article becomes a global sensation. Events force Kyle’s past and present to converge, putting Rebecca’s future at serious risk.

Kyle and Rebecca must now act to reclaim their lives before it’s too late.

With this bold novel, Paulette Stout delivers a deeply personal story that proves the power we hold to reclaim our own lives. What We Never Say is yet another bingeable read from a rising Women’s Fiction author.

First of all, the book was a sensitive topic about men facing sexual abuse. And I actually liked the plot. Unfortunately, the story as a whole wasn’t great.

Kyle was facing abuse from his boss, Jane. Rebecca, who is his girlfriend is being confided about the sexual abuse that Kyle was facing from his boss. Rebecca then gets an opportunity to work with Jane to write a column and she finds that Kyle wasn’t the only victim.

The first part of the story was literally bland and flat to me that I nearly DNF the book. However, it was towards the middle of the book that I actually started to focus more attention as it deals with the sensitive issue. The ending was good which actually spiked my rating to a three star. Also, I am wondering if this was a series as this was listed as Book 1. Is something going to happen next? I am not sure.

Overall this worth three stars for me.

Many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC. The review is based on my honest opinion only.

Paulette Stout is the fearless author of Women’s Fiction that tackles taboo topics too long ignored. Her debut, Love, Only Better, is an empowering women’s fiction read and bedroom rallying cry for women everywhere. Her follow-up, What We Never Say, is due out November 1, 2022, and dives into the topic of #MeToo from a male victim’s perspective.

Raised by a single dad in Manhattan, Paulette is the gold-star wordsmith and owner of her content marketing agency, Media Goddess Inc., where she crafts content for her list of global clients. Prior to MGI, Paulette led content and design teams at several tech companies, and one educational publisher where her elimination of the Oxford comma caused a near riot.

Paulette’s prior career as a media buyer/planner in New York earned her three industry awards, including a MediaWeek All-Star. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Cornell University and her MBA in Marketing from the Lubin School of Business, Pace University.

You can usually find Paulette rearranging words into pleasing patterns while wearing grammar t-shirts.

For free reads, prequel, and sample chapters, visit Paulette’s website at paulettestout.com/free-reads.

Follow Paulette on social media on Instagram: @paulettestoutauthor, Facebook: @paulettestoutauthor Twitter: @StoutContent and on her website at paulettestout.com. BookBub: @paulettestoutauthor.

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