You’ll Be Death Of Me – Book Review

Title:- You’ll Be Death of Me

Author:- Karen M McMnaus

Date published:- November 30th 2021

No. of pages:- 336 pages

Genre:- YA/Thriller


Writing:- 4/5

Plot:- 4/5

Overall rating:- 4/5

Ivy, Mateo, and Cal used to be close. Now all they have in common is Carlton High and the beginning of a very bad day.

Type A Ivy lost a student council election to the class clown, and now she has to face the school, humiliated. Heartthrob Mateo is burned out–he’s been working two jobs since his family’s business failed. And outsider Cal just got stood up…. again.

So when Cal pulls into campus late for class and runs into Ivy and Mateo, it seems like the perfect opportunity to turn a bad day around. They’ll ditch and go into the city. Just the three of them, like old times. Except they’ve barely left the parking lot before they run out of things to say…

Until they spot another Carlton High student skipping school–and follow him to the scene of his own murder. In one chance move, their day turns from dull to deadly. And it’s about to get worse.

It turns out Ivy, Mateo, and Cal still have some things in common. They all have a connection to the dead kid. And they’re all hiding something.

Now they’re all wondering–could it be that their chance reconnection wasn’t by chance after all?

From the author of One of Us Is Lying comes a brand-new pulse-pounding thriller. It’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with murder when three old friends relive an epic ditch day, and it goes horribly–and fatally–wrong.

This is my fourth Karen McManus book I have read. This book was great.

The story starts with Ivy who has lost the presidential election in high school to a boy named Boney Malhoney. On the day Boney Malhoney was going to sworn in, Ivy along with Cal and Mateo decides to skip classes for the day. Cal and Mateo used to hang out with Ivy back when they were in middle school. However, Cal soon enters into a building where his girlfriend Lara is having a studio inside, and soon they find the dead body of Boney Malhoney. Now comes the story after that.

The story is told mainly from Ivy’s, Cal’s and Mateo’s POV. Though the story was interesting, in my opinion, it was a good thriller–though predictable. I also believe that the story was far-fetched a little. There was a hint of romance in the book but other than that, in my opinion, this was a good YA thriller. Worth four stars in my opinion.

Karen M. McManus is a #1 New York Times and international bestselling author of young adult thrillers. Her books include the One of Us Is Lying series, which has been turned into a television show on Peacock and Netflix, as well as the standalone novels Two Can Keep a Secret, The Cousins, You’ll Be the Death of Me, and Nothing More to Tell. Karen’s critically acclaimed, award-winning work has been translated into more than 40 languages. 

To learn more, visit or @writerkmc on Twitter and Instagram

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