The Night She Vanished – ARC Book Review

Title:- The Night She Vanished

Author:- Wendy Dranfield

Date published:- will be published on 14th March 2023

Publisher:- Bookouture

No. of pages:- 389 pages

Genre:-Psychological Thriller


Plot:- 5/5

Writing:- 5/5

Overall rating:- 5/5

My parents seem to be the perfect couple. But no one knows what I know…

Everyone in the small Midwestern town of Henderson looks up to my perfect parents. With dependable jobs as a midwife and the town sheriff, they help this close-knit community feel safe. But the locals didn’t grow up in my parents’ house. They don’t know what I know. And they wouldn’t believe me if I told them…

After my best friend vanished when we were just fifteen, I left town and never looked back. I couldn’t prove it, but I think my parents killed her.

Now, years later, my little sister has vanished. I have no choice but to go home and play happy families again. Because I have to find out what my parents have done to her. I have to try to save her.

But when bones are discovered on a local farm, and all the evidence leads back to our front door, I realize I was wrong about absolutely everything. And that coming back was the deadliest thing I could do…

Wendy Dranfield has become one of my favorite psychological thriller authors and this standalone novel, The Night She vanished has become one of my favorite thriller books!

Nicole’s sister Aimee goes missing. Nicole believes that her own father is responsible for the disappearance, just like he might be responsible for the disappearance of Nicole’s friend Lori’s disappearance nearly ten years ago. Soon skeletel remains have been found in a local farm and Nicole wonders if her own father is responsible or if someone else is responsible for the murder.

This was truly engaging and I simply couldn’t put this book down! The story itself is completely unexpected, with unexpected twists and turns along the way. The ending left me so baffled that I am still reeling from the ending! The characters in the story was well developed and probably unreliable as we don’t know which of these characters could be responsible for the murders. This was also fast paced which is actually a plus sign in thriller books. So if you like to read thrillers that will give you a roller coaster ride, that is unputdownable and a page turner, I highly recommend this book to you–worth five stars!

Many thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for the ARC. The review is based on my honest opinion only.

Wendy is the bestselling author of the Detective Madison Harper crime series.

She is a former coroner’s assistant turned crime writer who writes a mixture of standalone thrillers, crime series and short stories. Some of her books have been shortlisted for various writing competitions and awards, including the Mslexia novel competition and the International Thriller Writer Awards.

You can find more information on her website:

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