The Guilty Mother – ARC Book Review

Title:- The Guilty Mother

Author:- Sam Vickery

Date published:- will be published on April 28th 2023

Publisher:- Bookouture

Genre:- Psychological Thriller

No. of pages:- 337 pages


Plot:- 3/5

Writing:- 3/5

Overall rating:- 3/5

Taking off my favourite striped apron to sit down for our family meal, I know something is wrong the moment the doorbell rings. A chill runs through me as the police officer places handcuffs around my wrists and I see my husband’s shocked face. They’re arresting me for murder…

We’ve been best friends with Victoria and Russell since they first moved to Dragonfly Close. My children love Auntie Vic. We spend long summer evenings together sipping my homemade lemonade in the garden, laughing and chatting and sharing everything. But now I’m accused of murdering Russell.

Sitting in the back of the police car, I can’t stop thinking about my kids. Who will take them to school in the morning? Who will make sure Holly eats more than a bite of dinner? She needs me more than ever.

Then my mind races back to the last time Russell and I met up in secret. Surely the police won’t know about the argument we had last week, and the terrible things we said.

I tell myself they don’t know about my past.

That they haven’t been listening to the conversations I’ve been having in my house.

I didn’t kill Russell. I’m a devoted mother, a loyal wife and a good friend to Victoria. But I know the police won’t believe me. The question is, will you?

The story starts with Lisa Grey who while having family dinner was arrested by the police for the car accident that killed a man named Russel. Russell is their next door neighbor Vic husband. Did Lisa really kill Russell accidentally or with a motive to murder?

The story in my opinion started out great but this wasn’t a type of thriller that would put the reader on edge. There is some pace in the book but I feel like it wasn’t much of twists and turns that would grapple the reader in a way. The story itself became a bit predictable particularly the end. However the suspense was still there, writing was great and though I didn’t find this book enjoyable, I would like to read more books by this author. Worth three stars

Many thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for ARC. Review is based on my honest opinion only.

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