The Doctor – ARC Book Review

Title:- The Doctor

Author:- Annie Payne

Date published:- will be published on May 25th 2023

No. of pages:- 384 pages

Genre:- Psychological Thriller


Plot:- 3/5

Writing:- 2/5

Overall rating:- 3/5

Care giver, life saver… or cold-blooded killer?

Running away from a past she’d rather forget, Doctor Alison Wilson has moved to a new town to take up the role of Medical Officer at failing hospital Saint Margaret’s.

Tasked with shaking things up, she quickly learns that things are worse than they initially seem: patient records are in disarray, staff morale is low, and there’s something afoot that she can’t quite put her finger on…

As Alison starts to dig into the hospital’s past, she gradually discovers a trail of lies that runs deeper and darker than she could have ever imagined.

There’s a cold-blooded killer in the hospital. And they’re hiding in plain sight…

I got an invitation to review this book. Judging by the book cover, I know this is going to be a medical thriller and I was excited to read this book. But honestly this book did not live up to my expectations.

The story starts with Allison moving to a small town hospital to work as a medical director. But ever since she got there, things are starting to go downhill. Patients seemed to be dying, someone hacked into her account and someone is determined to make her life as miserable as possible. Someone who do not want her to work at that hospital.

The plot was great, writing was ok in my opinion but overall, I didn’t find this book great. The book wasn’t fast paced, there were parts in the book that were utterly boring, not a complete page turner. I would say the character herself seems bit of naive in my opinion. With that being said, this was not a great thriller and was rather slow paced. Worth three stars.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Avon for ARC. Review is based on my honest opinion only.

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