First Girl to Die (Detective Morgan Brooke Series Book 4) – ARC Book Review

First Girl to Die: A completely gripping crime thriller (Detective Morgan Brookes Book 4) by [Helen Phifer]

Morgan shudders as she leans out of the window and takes in the familiar blonde curls and clear blue eyes of the fallen girl below. She knows this woman, and she realises with sickening certainty that her friend is now gone forever…

When Detective Morgan Brookes is called to the scene of a suicide, she’s devastated to recognise the young teacher sprawled out on the grass like a broken doll. She hasn’t seen Brittany for years. Not since the tragic death of Morgan’s high-school boyfriend ripped their friendship group apart. But when witnesses describe Brittany’s erratic behaviour and jumbled speech that morning, Morgan is convinced the fearless, life-loving girl she once knew didn’t jump of her own accord.

Traces of poison found in Brittany’s blood prove Morgan’s theory right, but no one can find the source. Then Morgan uncovers a distinctive jar in Brittany’s home filled with toxic herbs, and the sight of it turns her blood to ice. She has a jar just like it, a handmade gift from her aunt. Is this a coincidence, a set-up, or could the only person she’s ever trusted with her damaged past be capable of murder?

Then another woman from Morgan’s past is found, close to the scene of that fatal teenage party. Has Morgan been looking at this all wrong? Are these deaths connected to that deadly night? And how could someone from her own family possibly be involved?

With her aunt’s freedom and more innocent lives at stake, Morgan must dig deep into her painful memories for answers. Who else was there that night, and what exactly did they see? She must stop this twisted killer before any more of her old friends become new victims – but at what cost?

No. of pages:- 207 pages

Date published:- will be published on October 11th 2021

Publisher:- Bookouture

Genre:- Thriller


Wow! Just wow! I was patiently waiting for the Morgan Brooke series to come out soon and finally it came and boy, I was not disappointed at all!

Though I did not leave a favorable review on Book 3, I must say, Book 4 is so much better that I enjoyed it so much!

Detective Morgan Brooke was called to a school where her old friend from school, Britanny, after taking in the herbal tea and apparently muttering to herself jumps out of the window, dead. A few days later, Sienna, another friend of Morgan from school was found naked inside a cave in the woods, with no recollection of how she ended up naked in a cave although she too had taken the herbal tea as well. All these herbal teas are purchased from Morgan’s aunt Ettie who becomes the viable suspect. But Morgan believes that these things are connected to an incident that happened many years which involved the death of a student…

From the first chapter to the end was intense and intriguing that I was literally hooked from the beginning to the end.. This was actually an unusual homicide case and I couldn’t help wondering–is Ettie Morgan’s aunt the killer? Or is someone else responsible? And for what??? This book is such a page turner filled with unexpected twists and turns and the ending was a OMG moment!!! There were some funny parts in the book which was laughable and Morgan Brookes has become a favorite female protagonist in my book.

So I’ll summarize the whole book in one go

–intriguing, intense and a complete page turner
–fast paced, twisty with unexpected turns–a plus sign for a good thriller
–You’ll soon learn to love Morgan Brooke and her partner Ben (not love partner, work partner)
–AND love the plot

Overall, I give this book five stars!

Note:- If you really want to read this book, do you have to read book 1. I think I’ll recommend reading book 1 before jumping directly to book 4.

Many thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for the ARC. The review is based on my honest opinion only.

Helen Phifer

Helen Phifer is the #1 Bestselling crime and horror novelist of the Annie Graham, Lucy Harwin and Beth Adams series. Helen lives in a small town in Cumbria. Surrounded by miles of coastline and only a short drive from the beautiful Lake District. She has always loved writing and reading since the days she learnt how to in infant school. She loves reading books that make the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end and make her afraid to go to the toilet, alone in the middle of the night. She is eternally grateful to Stephen King, Dean Koontz, James Herbert and Graham Masterton for scaring her senseless in her teenage years. Unable to find enough of the scary stories she loves to read, she decided to write her own.

Her debut novel The Ghost House was released October 2013 and introduced readers to police officer Annie Graham. It went on to be an Amazon #1 bestseller in Canada. It reached #1 on the Amazon Contemporary Horror Charts in both the UK and the US, pushing her idol Stephen King off his #1 spot many times. She was thrilled when the second book in the series The Secrets of the Shadows managed to push The Ghost House off its #1 spot even if it was a little surreal. This was followed by The Forgotten Cottage, The Lake House, The Girls in the Woods and The Face Behind the Mask.

The Good Sisters is a standalone old, fashioned horror story which Helen admits scared her so much when she was writing it that she couldn’t write once it got dark. Set in an abandoned convent it will definitely give you the chills.

March 2017 saw the publication of Dark House, a gripping psychological thriller which introduced readers to the dangerous world of Detective Inspector Lucy Harwin. This was followed by Dying Breath and Last Light.

The Haunting on West Tenth Street is a supernatural thriller set on the streets of New York and features Homicide Detective Maria Miller.

Her brand new series featuring Forensic Pathologist Beth Adams is published July 16th 2019

#BLOGTOUR When Sparks Fly – Kristen Zimmer @kristen_zimmer @bookouture @BOTBSPublicity

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The room is dark, except for the streetlights coming through the blinds. I can barely see her, but I feel her. She pushes me up against the wall and we kiss harder than we ever have before. I’ve been waiting so long for it to happen, and finally, it’s going to. Then the bedroom door flies open, and someone screams her name…

Britton Walsh has never had a home. After a lifetime in the care system, she doesn’t expect she’ll ever find one. But beginning her senior year with new foster parents in a new city, means starting over yet again. Tom and Cate Cahill seem okay. The hitch? Their daughter, Avery.

Beautiful, popular and cool, Avery is everything Britton is not. She’s all Britton could ever ask for in a sister, or even a friend––but having survived without either for so long, Britton knows the way her heart races whenever Avery enters the room can only mean one thing…

But Avery has a secret. Something that is eating away at her and stopping her letting anyone in, least of all Britton. Will Avery’s insistence on punishing herself for a mistake in her past make Britton’s last year of high school, and finding a place to call home, impossible? Can two such different people ever find common ground, friendship, or maybe even something more?

An unforgettable new adult lesbian romance for fans of Keeping You a Secret by Julie Anne Peters, Her Name in the Sky by Kelly Quindlen, or Nancy Garden’s classic young adult coming out novel, Annie on My Mind.

New Adult novel: recommended for 17+ due to mature themes and sexual content.

You can buy the book from the following links

Amazon| Apple | Kobo |Google

No. of pages:- 288 pages

Publisher:- Bookouture

Date published:- 28th April 2021

Genre:- LGBTQ Romance

Though I am not a fan of LGBTQ, I have decided to read more books based on LGBTQ to get a change from the usual genres I normally read.

Britton is in foster care system and was adopted by Cate and Tom Cahill. And the catch? Cate and Tom have a daughter named Avery. The two are polar opposites of each other–Avery is a popular cheerleader in the high school. Britton is interested in photography. But Avery has a secret and Britton is having feelings towards her…

To be honest, compared to the other LGBTQ books I have read, this book is to my surprise really good! The story is completely told from Britton’s perspectives but nonetheless the story felt realistic. The writing was really good and it was engaging as well. I do like the bond between Avery and Britton with Avery going through her sister’s death and their support for each other during their senior year in high school. Truly enjoyed reading about their romantic relationship.

Worth five stars!

Thank You Netgalley and Bookouture for giving a chance to take part in this blog tour and giving me a free copy. This review is strictly based on my honest opinion only.

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Kristen Zimmer is a New Jersey-based freelance writer and editor. A member of the International Women’s Writing Guild, she holds a B.A. in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing from Montclair State University. When not busy writing or burying her nose in books of the YA/New Adult fiction persuasion, Kristen enjoys spending time with her family, which includes two adorable black Lab mixes and a very patient Better Half.

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A View Across The Rooftops – Book Review

A View Across the Rooftops: An epic, heart-wrenching and gripping World War Two historical novel by [Suzanne Kelman]

1941, Nazi-occupied AmsterdamAn unforgettable story of love, hope and betrayal, and a testament to the courage of humanity in history’s darkest days.

As Nazis occupy his beloved city, Professor Josef Held feels helpless. So when he discovers his former pupil Michael Blum is trying to escape the Gestapo, he offers Michael a place to hide in his attic.

In the quiet gloom of the secret room, Michael talks of his beautiful, fearless girlfriend, Elke. Michael insists that not even the Nazis will come between them. But Elke is a non-Jewish Dutch girl, and their relationship is strictly forbidden.

Josef sees the passionate determination in his young friend’s eyes. Furious with the rules of the cruel German soldiers and remembering his own heartbreak, Josef feels desperate to give Michael and Elke’s love a chance. But then tragedy strikes, and Josef is faced with an impossible choice.

In the dark days of war, with danger and betrayal at every turn, no-one can be trusted. If Michael is to survive and get back to the woman he loves, it will be down to Josef – to find the hero inside himself, and do whatever it takes to keep Michael alive.

Even if it means putting his own life in mortal danger.

A heartbreakingly beautiful story about courage against the odds, perfect for fans of The Tattooist of Auschwitz, All The Light We Cannot See, and The Nightingale.

No. of pages:- 398 pages

Publisher:- Bookouture

Date published:- October 25th 2019

Genre:- Historical Fiction

If you bloggers know me, I love historical fictions but based on WWII and Holocaust. So this book is a perfect example based on WWII and Holocaust, during the Nazi occupation in Amsterdam. The story is about the lives of a university professor, Josef Held, who lost his wife twenty years ago, Michael Blum, a Jew in love with a Dutch girl named Elke, Hannah Pender, who is working at the university and is working with the resistance and Ingrid, Josef’s niece, working for the Nazis and in love with a Nazi. I felt at the edge of my seat, particularly the scene where Ingrid and her Nazi love enters into the Josef’s house while Michael is hiding in the attic and my heart beats rapidly, rapidly hoping he is not caught!! The story, though told from the third person point of view is told from the perspectives of these characters.

I must say, the author has done tremendous research on these topics. Quite similar to Anne Frank except, this is a work of fiction though based on real events. The emotions each of these characters are going through, how Josef made a split second decision to hide Michael up in the attic of his house for almost two years, how he and Michael soon developed a sense of camaraderie, Hannah’s emotions about how Jews were being treated and secretly getting involved with the Resistance and Ingrid, who is naïve and oblivious to Nazi’s atrocious treatments towards Jews and Dutch people alike. This was actually an emotional read, heart wrenching book to me. The author did a good job drawing the reader into the story!

Overall, I give this book five stars!

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Suzanne Kelman

Suzanne Kelman is an Amazon international bestselling author in America, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia and her books have sold over 250,000 copies worldwide and have been translated into six languages. Her WW2 historical fiction books “A View Across the Rooftops”, “When We Were Brave, and Under a Sky on Fire” are published by Bookouture – an imprint for Hachette U.K.

She is also the author of the bestselling book, “The Rejected Writers’ Book Club”, published by Lake Union, which is the first book in the Southlea Bay series. Other books in the series include, “Rejected Writers Take the Stage” and “The Rejected Writers’ Christmas Wedding”.

Kelman is an award-winning writer/screenwriter whose accolades include the Best Comedy Feature Screenplay Award from the L.A. International Film Festival, the Gold Award from the California Film Awards, and the Van Gogh Award from the Amsterdam Film Festival.

In 2015 her script, Held, was recognized by the Academy of Motion Pictures and was shortlisted to the top ten in the Academy Of Motion Pictures Nichols Fellowship competition.

As well as a screenwriter and a published author, Suzanne is also a playwright, and her award-winning comedy play, “Over My Dead Body”, had its World Premiere at Outcast Theatre in Washington, Fall 2019.

Born in the United Kingdom, Suzanne now resides in Washington State.

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New Girlfriend- Sheryl Browne

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC! This book review is strictly based on my own personal and honest review.

The New Girlfriend: A totally gripping and addictive psychological thriller by [Sheryl Browne]

The New Girlfriend: A totally gripping and addictive psychological thriller

Cassie once did something so bad she’s never spoken about it since.

When her beloved son, Josh, dies suddenly in a tragic accident, Cassie is overcome with grief. And, as she cries on her husband’s shoulder, her phone lights up with a message that terrifies her.

I know what you did and I’m going to make you pay.

Somebody from Cassie’s past has found her and they want revenge for something Cassie did when Josh was just a baby. They want everyone to know just what kind of a woman Cassie really is. As Cassie tries to hide the message from her husband, there is a knock on the door of their perfect home. Cassie’s biggest secret is about to be revealed. And you won’t believe what she does next…

A truly gripping page-turner that will keep you reading well into the night, The New Girlfriend is perfect for fans of The Girl on the TrainMy Lovely Wife and Gone Girl.

No. of pages:- 321 pages

Date published :- 3rd August 2020 (will be released)

Genre:- Psychological Thriller

Bestselling Author, Sheryl Browne, writes taught, dark, twisty psychological thriller. A member of the Crime Writers’ Association and the Romantic Novelists’ Association, Sheryl has several books published and two short stories in Birmingham City University anthologies where she completed her MA in Creative Writing. Sheryl has also obtained a Certificate of Achievement in Forensic Science and – according to readers – she makes an excellent psychopath. Sheryl’s latest psychological thriller THE NEW GIRLFRIEND comes to you from fabulous BOOKOUTURE. Her previous works include the DI Matthew Adams Crime Thriller series, along with contemporary fiction novels, The Rest of My Life and Learning to Love published by ChocLit.

Sheryl lives in Worcestershire UK with her husband and her timid rescue dog, Brie, whose little back legs were pinned after a road accident. She expects her family to grow, however. imminent arrivals being other rescue dogs with disabilities who need that extra special bit of love and care.

To find out more about Sheryl’s novels, go to or follow @SherylBrowne on Twitter. To find out more about Sheryl, go to

This is the first book I have read from this author.

Cassie is suffering from the death of her son, Josh, who apparently committed suicide by jumping in front of the incoming train. She and her husband, Adam are overcoming with grief at the death of Josh, until a mysterious girl named Kim turns up, with a baby, named Samuel, saying that she was the girlfriend of Josh and that Samuel is his baby. Both Cassie and Adam are coming into terms of Josh having a baby with a girl named Kim who they had no clue about. The baby is a mirror image of Josh but both Cassie and Adam are questioning about Kim’s connection with Josh. And after Kim turned up, Cassie receives anonymous text messages, threatening to reveal a secret, a secret that Cassie had buried years ago and if that secret was revealed, her marriage to Adam might come to an end and everything will be ruined.

I have to say that the plot line is really good and it got more interesting and intriguing with unexpected twists starting from the middle of the book towards the end. The ending of the book was really unexpected, did not really see that ending coming and also the connection!!!! I must say, towards the end, I felt more like I was in some part of a hit and run chase in a criminal show. Too much drama in the book, which was a bit OK to the plot of the story, considering what Cassie, as a mother is going through. Some parts of the story was however not very realistic and some parts were realistic.

The writing was flowing and was written in simple and understandable way and also it was actually a quick read so for those who are looking for fast read, this book might be a good choice. However, I think I didn’t really fancy the characters much. There were no characters that I could actually feel connection to and I didn’t really feel any of the characters.

Overall, this a nice thriller that will keep you are the edge of your seat. A perfect summer read for people looking to read a good thriller!

This book will be released on 3rd August 2019 and can check out a copy on Amazon and pre-order now! Overall this book worth four stars!

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