Thriller Tuesday – Book Review Bad Mother by Amanda Brooke

Hey all! Today is Tuesdays so Tuesdays means it’s thriller review time!! Today I will be doing a book review called The Bad Mother by Amanda Brooke. I read this book last year and so I thought I will share some thoughts about this book!

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That’s what he wants you to think…

A good mother doesn’t forget things.

A good mother isn’t a danger to herself.

A good mother isn’t a danger to her baby.

You want to be the good mother you dreamed you could be.

But you’re not. You’re the bad mother you were destined to become.

At least, that what he wants you to believe…

Print Length: 417 pages

Language: English

  • Publisher: HarperCollins (December 14, 2017)
  • Publication Date: December 14, 2017
  • Genre:- Psychological Thriller
Image result for the bad mother amanda brooke

Amanda Brooke lives in Liverpool and spends her days writing under the watchful gaze of her coworkers, Spider the cat and Mouse the dog. It was only when her young son was diagnosed with cancer that Amanda discovered the need to write, initially recording her family’s journey in a journal. When Nathan died in 2006 at just three years old, Amanda was determined that his legacy would be one of inspiration not devastation. Her debut novel Yesterday’s Sun was inspired by her experiences of motherhood and her understanding of how much a mother would be willing to sacrifice for the life of her child. She continues to write books with strong emotional themes.

So I will start with the ones I like about the book

  • The ending was good, though it was actually predictable.
  • Through the middle of the book, the story started to get interesting and couldn’t really wait to see if the main character, Lucy Robin is actually absent minded or if her husband, Adam is playing with her mind.
  • The writing was good and so kept the reader hooked into the story.
  • The book was tense, disturbing at times to read and also a little realistic as well. A good thriller book.

Now I will start with the ones I didn’t like about the book.

  • The book and the story itself was a little predictable, even the ending too.
  • I didn’t really much like the character–Lucy is so naive and stupid at times as she is trusting her husband too much and believes every single word that Adam is telling her. I mean as a reader, I could right through see that he is manipulating her but then maybe, in real life, women who are controlled by their husbands feel like that way.
  • It was a little boring in the beginning though the story got intense and interesting towards the end.
  • Maybe it’s just me but the reader would be curious as to why Adam would turn up to be a monster like he is in the book–what was his ulterior motive of behaving like that? No clue.

Though this is a psychological thriller, this is not a thriller to die hard for Gone Girl. I give the book a three star rating–good book but not brilliant.

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