Sneak Peek at the books I am reading

Hey all!! Here’s a sneak peek at the books I am reading currently now

  1. #MeToo – Patricia Dixon
#MeToo: this year's MUST READ psychological thriller by [Patricia Dixon]

It can happen to anyone… #MeToo

When Billie receives a letter from the man she loves, she returns home, determined to help him.

Desperate to prove his innocence, Stan is in prison, convicted of a crime he swears he didn’t commit.

Kelly, his victim, is struggling to cope after an ordeal that left her traumatised and lonely.

Whilst hiding a secret of her own and battling demons from her past, Billie is enlisted by the private detective who is looking for vital evidence that might set Stan free.

Billie has complete faith in Stan but when she hears Kelly’s version of events, cracks begin to appear and her faith wavers.

There are two sides to every story and Billie needs to get to the truth, but the deeper she digs, the more lies are unearthed.

Who will she believe?

And who is really telling the truth?

2. What Happened to Us? – Faith Hogan

What Happened to Us?: An emotional, heartwarming story of love and friendship by [Faith Hogan]

Sometimes the end is only the beginning…

After ten years together, Carrie Nolan is devastated when she’s dumped by Kevin Mulvey without even a backwards glance! But on reflection, she has sacrificed her own long-term happiness by pandering to his excessive ego in their successful Dublin restaurant (and out of it) – but not anymore!

While Kevin is ‘living the dream’ with his beautiful new Brazilian girlfriend, Carrie seeks solace from a circle of mismatched strangers who need her as much as she needs them.

Then suddenly a catastrophic sequence of events leads to the unthinkable…

How far do you need to fall before you learn the true value of family and friends? And is it ever too late to start again…

3. Without You- Saskia Sarginson

Without You: An emotionally turbulent thriller by Richard & Judy bestselling author by [Saskia Sarginson]

1984, Suffolk

When 17-year-old Eva goes missing at sea, everyone presumes that she drowned. Her parents’ relationship is falling apart, undermined by guilt and grief. But her younger sister, Faith, refuses to consider a life without Eva; she’s determined to find her sister and bring her home alive.

Close to the shore looms the shape of an island – out of bounds, mysterious, and dotted with windowless concrete huts. What nobody knows is that inside one of the huts Eva is being held captive. That she is fighting to survive – and return home.

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