A Mother Like You – Book Review

Hey all! I am back with a book review! A Mother Like You by Ruby Speechly

A Mother Like You: An unputdownable, twisty psychological thriller by [Ruby Speechley]

All mothers have secrets…some are unforgivable

Kate Marshall lives an enviable life. Married to handsome, charming, James, owner of a successful company, she seems to have it all.

But falling pregnant at 45 was never part of the plan. Especially as Kate’s hiding a devastating secret – one that she’s been running from for twenty years.

So when ex-boyfriend Paul comes back into her life, threatening to expose the truth about what Kate did, the clock is ticking. Can she keep her secrets and finally be the mother she always dreamed of – or will her past lies destroy her perfect life?

An unputdownable, complex and twisty psychological thriller about mothers and daughters – fans of Shalini Boland, Liane Moriarty and Jane Shemilt will love this gripping read.

No, of pages:- 255 pages

Date published:- will be published on 4th November 2020

Genre:- Thriller

Thank You Netgalley and Hera for granting me this book! This review is based on my complete honest opinion.

Kate Marshall seems to be living a life–married to a handsome and charming man James for ten years and running a successful company with her husband. But when ex-boyfriend Paul comes into picture, demanding her to pay some money, her past comes back crumbling as Paul threatened to reveal a secret about her, leaving behind the threatening messages…

The story was interesting. The plot line was good and the author really drew the reader into the story. It was unputdownable as well as the reader wants to know what this secret that Kate was actually hiding and there were some intense climax building up in the chapter. Towards the end, Kate’s secret is revealed which is shocking and unexpected! Overall, it was actually a fast paced thriller. It had made me guessing until the end which was shocking!

Really a good fast paced unputdownable thriller where you will not be able to put down the book! Worth five stars!

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