Anything For You – Book Review

Anything For You: A Gripping Psychological Thriller


From the first moment single mother Nicolette Winchester held her daughter in her arms, she knew she’d do everything in her power to keep her safe. Now eighteen years old, Ella is bright, kind and a cello prodigy headed for Juilliard. Nicolette can’t help but feel proud of the young woman her daughter’s become.

Then Ella calls home one night. There’s been an accident. A classmate is dead. And Ella is the only one on the scene. To protect her daughter, Nicolette makes an unthinkable decision: hide the body, and ensure her daughter is kept out of the ensuing scandal.

There’s only one problem. Someone knows what she did.

And that person is going to make sure Nicolette pays.

No. of pages:- 357 pages

Date published:- September 12th 2020

Genre:- Psychological Thriller

Nicolette Winchester is a single mother who would do anything for her daughter, Ella. Ella is a cell prodigy daughter who is off to start at Julliard. But one night, a frantic call from Ella brings Nicolette to a scene–Ella’s friend Amber is dead and Ella claims Amber fell and died. Nicolette, in order to protect her daughter does the unthinkable–wraps the body up with the blankets and dumps the body into the river, hoping that the body will never be found. But then someone had seen Nicolette dumping the body and is threatening her to tell everyone if she does not cooperate…

I really like the plotline and the story. The story is told from the second perspective with Nicolette as the narrator, talking to her daughter, Ella. The story somewhat seemed realistic as Nicolette as a single mother would do anything to protect her only child and daughter. Overall, the story is well written, with twists and turns you wouldn’t expect. The ending was so unexpected that it left me breathless at the end!

Overall, this book worth five stars!

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