Happy Singles Day – ARC Book Review

Happy Singles Day by [Ann Marie Walker]

Single and proud of it! Oh, oops…

As a Certified Professional Organizer, everything in Paige Parker’s world is as it should be. Perfect apartment, perfect office, perfect life. And now, the perfect vacation planned to honor Singles Day. After all, what’s better than celebrating her pride in being single? Because who needs a man anyway? They have zero taste in quality television, leave the toilet seat up, and sleep with your best friend. No thanks. Her life is fine just the way it is.

As the owner of a now-dormant bed & breakfast, Lucas Croft’s life is simple and quiet. It’s only him and his five-year-old daughter, which is just the way he likes it. Because who needs a woman anyway? They nag you to clean up your stuff, want the toilet seat put down, and expect the dishes to be done the same day the meal is cooked. No thanks. His life is fine just the way it is.

But when Paige books a room that Lucas’ well-intentioned sister listed without his knowledge, their two worlds collide. If they can survive the week together, they just might discover exactly what they’ve both been missing.

No. of pages:- 244 pages

Date published:- will be 19th January 2021

Genre:- Romance

Thank You Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC! This review is based on my honest opinion only.

Paige has been single since the day she found out that her fiancé, had been cheating behind her back. She becomes workaholic spending more time at work than spending time alone. So then Sammy, her assistant arranges an inn they come across from a website to spend the “Singles Day”, Paige reluctantly agrees and leaves her busy life style in Chicago to a place in North Carolina and you have to reach to inn by a ferry. Lucas is a single dad with a five year old Maddie and his sister Sophie had asked Lucas to tend to their inn as she said there would be a guest soon. Paige and Lucas meet and they got on the wrong foot initially at first but then a storm prevents Paige from leaving and soon, they started getting to know each other, thus celebrating Singles Day.

I really like the concept of the story–normally when it comes to romance novels, it will be based on Valentine’s Day so this concept of the story is good. However, there were some parts in the story that was a bit boring but other than that, it was actually a cheesy romantic story fun to read with some comic scenes in the book. Worth four stars in my opinion!

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Ann Marie Walker

Ann Marie Walker is the author of nine novels, ranging from romantic suspense to romantic comedy. She’s a fan of fancy cocktails, anything chocolate, and ‘80s rom-coms. Her superpower is connecting any situation to an episode of Friends, and she thinks all coffee cups should be the size of a bowl. You can find her at AnnMarieWalker.com, where she would be happy to talk to you about alpha males, lemon drop martinis, or Chewbacca, the Morkie who is kind enough to let her sit on his couch. Ann Marie attended the University of Notre Dame and currently lives in Chicago.

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