Shadow Box – Book Review

Hey all! I know it has been a while since I posted on the blog but I was super busy with online exams for piano that I couldn’t read the books for a while! I just however finished Shadow Box by Luanne Rice so here’s my review!

The Shadow Box by [Luanne Rice]

The Amazon Charts bestselling author of Last Day delivers a haunting thriller about how far one wife is willing to go to expose the truth—and the lengths someone will go to stop her.

After artist Claire Beaudry Chase is attacked and left for dead in her home on the Connecticut coast, she doesn’t know who she can trust. But her well-connected husband, Griffin—who is running for governor—is her prime suspect.

Just before the attack, Claire was preparing for an exhibit of her shadow boxes, one of which clearly accuses Griffin of a violent crime committed twenty-five years ago. If the public were to find out who her husband is, his political career would be over. Claire’s certain her husband and his powerful supporters would kill her to stop the truth from getting out.

When one of Claire’s acquaintances is murdered, the authorities suspect the homicide is linked to the attack on Claire. As the dual investigations unfold, Claire must decide how much she’s willing to lose to take down her husband and the corrupt group of elites who will do anything to protect Griffin’s interests and their own.

No. of pages:- 367 pages

Publisher:- Thomas and Mercer

Date published:- 1st February 2021

Genre:- Thriller

Claire Beaudry Chase was attacked by a masked man while she was on her way to her art exhibition. She then goes hiding and she believes that her husband, Griffin, a high prolific prosecutor and running for the governor is responsible for attacking her and also for the death of a girl named Ellen, happened twenty five years ago. Meanwhile, a ship was attacked and a woman named Sallie, who is the interior designer in that area, was dead. Are the two cases connected?

This was a sort of thriller that will put you at the edge of the seat. A land of elite and corrupted people who would do anything to remain in power and would get rid of the person who is a threat. This story is more like a cat and mouse chase, twists and turns and quite a page turner that you wouldn’t actually want to put the book down!

Overall, this book worth five stars!

Luanne Rice

Luanne Rice is the New York Times bestselling author of 35 novels, which have been translated into 25 languages. The author of Last Day, Dream Country, Beach Girls, Pretend She’s Here and others, Rice often writes about love, family, nature, and the sea. She received the 2014 Connecticut Governor’s Arts Award for excellence and lifetime achievement in the Literary Arts category.

Several of Rice’s novels have been adapted for television, including Crazy in Love for TNT, Blue Moon for CBS, Follow the Stars Home and Silver Bells for the Hallmark Hall of Fame, and Beach Girls for Lifetime. Rice’s four cats are her muses, and she speaks their language. She lives in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

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